Our first impressions of this large, luxurious and sporty SUV

The second best-selling Land Rover after the Evoque on our territory, the Range Rover Sport has just been renewed. In order not to irritate somewhat conservative customers, the 2022 model is developing minimally. From the outside, it’s easily recognizable: a firmly square, muscular Land Rover silhouette, a floating roof, pointed lights, a horizontal and high hood, a slightly rounded nose and a honeycomb grille at the front, the basics are unchanged. Il n’empêche que, plus long de 6,7 cm (4,95 m) que son prédécesseur, pas plus haut mais un peu moins large (de 2,5 cm, 2,05 m), il se veut plus dynamique que Start. There are fewer bezels, surfaces are more polished, and the line is generally more fluid, an effect reinforced by the door handles that are now flush. Finally, the rear moves a bit more with tapered lights integrated into a black-painted headband placed horizontally. It is also from this angle that we distinguish it very much from its older brother, the “very short” Range Rover, whose headlights form a right angle and go down the tailgate. More “compact”, sporty, and more “accessible” than the latter, we would still expect the Range Rover Sport to have good reception qualities and a high level of prestige, but is this really the case?

Always so generous

Not only has the Range Rover Sport grown, but its wheelbase has also jumped by 8cm, all in favor of legroom and trunk space which have increased by 2cm and 74dm (647dm) respectively. It was already known to be generous, which is more than that. Up front, the space is spacious and it’s easy to find a good driving position thanks to the multiple adjustments and wide capacities. If the British SUV dominates the road, the cockpit effect will be there with the seats set somewhat lower, and the dashboard and center console raised to the limit to feel like you’re in a cocoon. There are plenty of well-thought-out storage spaces, such as the deep central armrest with double base.

In the back, the space is wide, and it’s easy to stretch your legs. But a seat designed more for 2. The center seat is narrower, harder, and a great classic, and it can help sometimes. Oh, the last point. Don’t wait for a 7-seater variant, as was the case with the old version, only the “normal” range now benefits (and that’s new to it) from this range.

We are reasonably well settled aboard the long (about 5 metres) Range Rover Sport. The middle passenger wouldn’t be as affordable, but we’ve seen worse.© Hugo Dupont

Exquisite luxury on board

Not only does space matter in the Range Rover Sport, but there is also the level of parking. And on this point, too, the newcomer respects the brand’s reputation. In the Autobiography version, it’s even a luxury. Soft leathers, thick carpets, rare plastics, high-quality fittings, it all. This is fortunate considering the price of the plug-in hybrid model we were able to install offered €140,100 … excluding options! But don’t worry, even low-end finishes can barely pass for the “basic” versions. They were also not given, however, the entry price for the Range Rover Sport 2022 starting at 94.200 euros, excluding the CO2 fines and the weight … which all thermal models will suffer (6-cylinder diesel with 250 and 350 hp and V8 Twin Turbo Petrol 530 horse) without exception. On the other hand, thanks to its large 38.2 kWh battery that allows good autonomy on paper (more than 100 km), rechargeable hybrids get away with it. It remains only to check if the behavior is more dynamic than the behavior of the older brother, and he will have checked all the boxes for the successful reconnection of his predecessor. See you in a few months!

The offer is worthy of the brand.  The fittings are so elegant and the materials, especially on this high profile resume costume, are so flying high.  The working environment is well thought out.
The offer is worthy of the brand. The fittings are so elegant and the materials, especially on this high profile resume costume, are so flying high. The working environment is well thought out.© Hugo Dupont

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