The meteoric rise of ‘dark kitchens’ threatens classic dining

It’s D-Day. While restaurants, which have been closed for months, will be able to reopen their terraces, the emergence of “dark kitchens” could deal a new blow to traditional food services. These virtual restaurants, which have no room or service, and consist of a kitchen that focuses entirely on delivery, have been distinguished for their … Read more

Madrid: Andreescu crushes Collins in 69 minutes, Fernandez loses to Tishman

MADRID – A two-part Sunday for the Canadians at the Madrid Open. The day started with a superb victory for Ontario’s Bianca Andreescu but continued with the elimination of Leila Fernandez of Quebec. Andreescu crushed American eighth seed Danielle Collins 6-1 6-1 in the morning’s second round match. Hours later, in a duel south, 17th-seeded … Read more

“Dark kitchen and host kitchen, what are the main criteria to start with?”

“With the health crisis and the advent of digital technologies, certain consumption patterns have accelerated: this is the case with meal delivery. By 2024 (Editor’s Note: According to the latest study by Food Service Vision), nearly 20% of restaurants could weigh in on sales of 10.3 billion euros. To position itself in this booming market, … Read more

Why do cats like women more than men?

In general, cats love to be hugged, pampered, and pampered. The more signs of affection they receive, the more reassured and confident they will feel. If a cat lives in a large family, then in most cases the animal will sympathize with the owner of the house. In some cases, men are preferred, but this … Read more