Plateau Dehotville, a sports, leisure and luxury resort

The village of Plateau d’Hauteville is located in the middle of the mountains at an altitude of 850 to 1,250 metres, and benefits from an exceptional natural environment and air quality that has earned it the distinction of “spa” since 1924. This origin determined the profession of Hospital Hauteville-Lompnès with the installation of sanatoriums and treatment institutions . In recent decades, the city has been able to switch to complementary care and functional rehabilitation activities. Today, the Plateau d’Hauteville benefits from a tradition of hospitality and inclusion. With its climate, landscapes, fresh air, and natural wealth, the city relies on tourism and outdoor recreation in four seasons. The activities you wish to develop while respecting the environment and ecosystems.

2024 . Stadium

Proud of its Olympic champion, Simone Desteau, medalist in biathlon, the Plateau de Hauteville, now called “Terre de jeux 2024”, asserts itself as a broad field of sports. In winter, the La Praille and Terre-Ronde sites allow for Nordic and Alpine snowboarding, as well as all other snowy activities. In summer, there are great outdoors for nature lovers and discoverers. A vast area where you can also enjoy climbing thanks to the Via Ferrata in Hostias, mountain biking on the slopes in Cormaranche, horseback riding in Thesilio and thrills in the Bogey Adventure Park. This multi-activity site is the only tree climbing in France that offers a course suitable for people with reduced mobility.

By outfitting itself with equipment such as the Hauteville Stage Sport Santé (H3S), the municipality is also developing accommodations for sports stays. Football, rugby, basketball, gymnastics and judo clubs regularly organize periods of oxygen for their practitioners.

800 young men in training

Plateau Dehotville welcomes 800 young people to training each year. They study at Hauteville-Lompnès at the Training Institute for Nursing and Caregivers and at the Training Institute for Sports Professions within H3S. In Cormaranche, they attend either the Technical School of Wood, the Family and Country House (MFR) or even the Center for Training of Apprentices (CFA) in the timber trade.

On its bump, the Plateau d’Hauteville is an economic center of great vitality with a very complete medical offering. The city has all the basic shops and a network of local producers and various artisans.

Finally, the city boasts a great associative dynamism. The cultural season is punctuated by two main events, the Ain Nature Photo and Film Festival which will take place from May 20-22 and during the summer, the Hauteville Theater Festival which will take place on the 24And The edition will take place from July 29 to August 7.

The sensitive natural area of ​​the Fog marsh

The swampy area covers more than 100 hectares, and is a wide depression surrounded by meadows, forests and the pond of Lésines (18 hectares). In this high place of biodiversity live more than 160 species of plants. Some very rare species are protected, such as the round-leaved dew or some orchids. The marsh serves as a haven for many birds such as the red kite, gray shrike, snipe…

This delicate natural space is jointly managed by the Rhône-Alpes Conservatory of Landscapes and the Municipality of the Plateau d’Hauteville.

To combat the bushes, tarpans, small horses of Polish origin, were introduced to a part of the swamp. The herd belongs to the association ARTHEN-Bugerbivore which wants to promote this descendant of the horse’s ancestors in France by encouraging its establishment in certain natural areas so that it can restore its essential role in the ecosystem. Here, their work is completed by herding cows and sheep from two local breeders.

The path of interpretation on stilts (1,200 meters), which has just been restored, allows you to enter the heart of this unique universe.

Plateau de Hauteville is a city where life is good, both in summer and in winter

“Green lung of the department”

Philip Pesenti is the head of the craft business, committed to developing and moving his hometown of Hauteville.

“For me, Plateau Dehotville is the green lung of the department. Moreover, it is the city with the largest forested area in Al Ain. This natural area that benefits from a very high level of sunshine all year round has extraordinary fauna and flora. It has exceptional sites, Like the Marais de Vaux, the Charabotte Waterfall, the Planachat outcrop with a view of Mont-Blanc, to name a few.Plateau d’Hôteville is located a maximum of 90 minutes from the main towns, a city where life is good, both in summer and winter, “That’s what makes Philip Pisenti so excited. This Houtville-Lombnis-born makes no secret of his passion for his city. He remembers that when he was a resident of Bourg-en-Bresse, he wrote stories to promote attractions in his hometown of Outville “The Lawn.” No wonder that after a few years he became interested in the Tourist Office. “Hauteville is a meeting place,” he says. “In the past, many couples grew up during treatment or convalescence. Today, it is the turn of young people who come to train in Cormaranche or Hauteville.”

The casino, an important tourist asset, is an establishment that hosts events in all seasons. Many sports federations organize their general assembly there. This cyclist who crosses the roads of France adds to Hauteville’s notorious reputation. “Often, during conversations, some of the interlocutors trust that they knew Hauteville because he had relatives there who were satisfied with their convalescence stay.” Hauteville is also famous all over the world for its frost-resistant marble stone. This decorative rock has been used to make many monuments around the world such as the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the staircase of the White House in Washington, the stairs of the Imperial Palace in Japan… The quarry is still exploited. It also supplies many local sculptors.

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