Popcorn on the test bench

Many of you associate popcorn movie nights! This snack often makes the whole family happy. This week, commercial popcorn is being tested!

Jonë Our analysis

26 popcorn selections were analyzed.

Each serving of 50 g (about 6-8 cups of popcorn) offers:

  • Between 145 and 280 calories
  • Between 2.4 and 17 g fat (0.5 to 8 g saturated fat)
  • Between 117 and 500 mg sodium
  • Between 21 and 39 g of carbohydrates
  • Between 3 and 7 g of fiber

The best choices

of Smart Popcorn Life Irresistibles is low in fat (2.5 g per serving) and is one of the two lowest choices in saturated fat (0.6 g). It is also rich in fiber (6.3 g) and has a very reasonable sodium content (188 mg). It provides 5 g of protein per serving.

of Butter-flavored popcorn with computer blue menu also ranks very well. It is less salty from the test table (117 mg) and its fat (3.2 g) and saturated fat (1.3 g) content also stand out well. It provides 6.3 g of fiber and 5 g of protein.

of Popcorn compliments Balance Buttery Flavor is also low in fat (2.5 g), has a reasonable intake of saturated fats (1 g), is an excellent source of fiber (6 g) and contains 5 g of protein. Its sodium content (200 mg) is also reasonable.

of Selection of popcorn, with butter flavor, low fat displays 3 g fat and 1 g saturated fat. However, it provides 1 g less fiber than the previous selection and contains slightly more sodium (220 mg). It remains one of our main choices.

Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop! manages to enter the tables with low content of saturated fat (0.6 g) and fat (2.4 g), but has more sodium than all previous choices, at 242 mg.

. Unfortunately, all choices that have earned high rankings for their nutritional values ​​contain palm oil. Some brands (including PC Menu Bleu and Orville Redenbacher) also offer small bags (31-32 g) which represent an ideal individual piece.

Worst choices

While the private label corn does quite well, as our ranking shows, the private label corn also got the lowest scores.

of Butter-flavored popcorn compliments is high in fat (14 g) and has the highest saturated fat content (8 g) in the test. It provides 270 mg of sodium, which is slightly higher than average (258 mg). It is the saturated fat content that makes this place among the worst choices. Surprisingly, the extra butter flavor of the same brand provides slightly less fat (13 g) and saturated fat (6 g) while being less salty (240 mg).

With 15 g of fat and 7 g of saturated fat Selection of popcorn with extra butter flavor not a good choice. It provides 290 mg of sodium and only 3 g of fiber.

If we like the company here Bad Monkey, theirs Original salt and butter for popcorn is very salty (500 mg). However, we estimate the lack of palm oil and low saturated fat (0.5 g).

With a fat profile similar to the previous selection Extra-flavored popcorn chosen by the president nor is it ranked well. On the other hand, its sodium content is reasonable (220 mg).

Chips or popcorn?

If you crave salty foods, popcorn is a better food choice than chips. Compared to the original flavor chips, popcorn is half fat (9.7 g vs. 18 g) and contains 5 times more fiber (5.3 g vs. 1 g)!

Definitely a good alternative to chips!

Ingredients are listed under magnifying glass

Some display plain popcorn, others popcorn made from 100% whole grains. Corn is, in both cases, a whole grain that includes bran, embryo and endosperm. The fiber content of this light food is also very interesting with 12 of our choices offering 6 g or more fiber per serving, enough for the excellent source of fiber claim. Only 5 choices do not contain palm oil in the list of ingredients, which is very disappointing. Some have natural colors (annatto, turmeric, paprika), others artificial.

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