PSG will have a discussion with Gueye

Paris Saint-Germain responds to Jay’s controversy

While reactions to Idrissa Gueye’s boycott are interconnected, PSG told RMC Sport that “the decision Gueye made on Saturday is an individual one”. He adds, “Idrissa Gueye was not in the squad for personal and individual reasons. PSG have always been keen to fight all forms of discrimination and they did so again on Saturday.” Discussions will now take place with the player.

Rothen’s big rant about Gueye County

Jerome Rothen returned on Monday evening, in a Rothen ablaze at RMC, against the backdrop of the Parisian Idrissa Guei’s refusal to play on Saturday in a rainbow flowing shirt, on the day of the fight against homophobia.

“You will go fast: of course there is no weight for the management team, or the weight of the club, or the shirt, but as is often the case at PSG, he regrets. I have the impression that I repeat myself, but they give us so much material to crush them that they push us to Smash them. Do you realize this connection? Not even for one moment did they mention Gue’s scandalous position, because it is scandalous. You should know that there have always been anti-discrimination campaigns. At UEFA, they often highlight racism, for example. Imagine players who would say “No, I’m not worried about that”, and who will never play a Champions League match. They’ve never been seen. Whether you agree or disagree, you’re here to represent a shirt, and you’re cool. We all have to fight discrimination. How do you go in a direction? A player rejecting it? It’s professional misconduct, even worse. You realize how to calculate the sent message?”

And to add a layer: “I’m not saying he (Gueye) is homophobic, I’m just saying he does what he wants. And in this club everyone does what he wants. (…) If one day a team member of Gueye comes out, he will refuse “Give him a pass? He’ll refuse to shower with him? But where are we going? This club is a mop. Nobody gets dressed and tells us it’s not normal (…) You have to force him to play. Period.”

Gueye County: “It will obscure the beautiful image the association wants to give,” Roxana Maracineanu regrets

On Monday, I called Minister Delegate for Sports Roxana Maracineanu, contacted by RMC Sport, about the Parisian boycott of Idrissa Guy. On Saturday in Montpellier, the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder refused to wear a rainbow shirt as part of a day to fight homophobia. “It is an image that would obscure the beautiful image, precisely, that football wants to give. What is the league trying to offer by participating in this outreach campaign that goes further. Which also appreciates the associations in which we participate – on the one hand Another, the former swimmer refrained from demanding sanctions from PSG: “I will not replace my employer. There is ambiguity in contracts with players on all of these topics. I don’t know exactly how the clubs translated the league’s request to their employees. I think it is something that should be encouraged. It can only be a voluntary commitment. “

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Justin mocks early season predictions for Clermont relegation

Claremont midfielder Johan Justin has ridiculed the expectations of several former players at the start of the season, pointing out that Claremont is one of the teams at risk of relegation. The painting was apparently displayed in the locker room as a symbol of motivation. ‘Thank you for believing in us’, ironically, fired the 34-year-old who was playing his second season in Ligue 1 (then with Dijon in 2016-2017). Auvergne (16th), which has risen this season, secured its maintenance at Level 1 before the final day as it leads by five points over Metz, the road blocker.

ASSE: Roland Romeyer’s home targeted by ultras

The night was tense in Saint-Étienne on Saturday night, after ASSE’s defeat to Reims. Many Green Party supporters waited for the players to leave to express their dissatisfaction. A handful of the fiercest of them threw smoke bombs and firecrackers at the stadium, damaging cars and trucks parked inside the fence. But the players, who are often targeted, finally managed to get out without a hitch.

The club’s management was targeted later that night. The home of Roland Romeyer (co-shareholder of the club) located in Haute-Loire, 35 minutes from Saint-Etienne, was targeted. Particularly offensive posters were written on the wall of his house between midnight and 12:45 am. Romierre’s home was also hit by smoke bombs and firecrackers shortly after 1:30 a.m. before the gendarmerie intervened, causing the personnel to leave. Roland Romeyer has filed a complaint, and an investigation is underway.

Marks on the walls of Roland Romeyer’s house. © RMC Sports


Paris Saint-Germain will not wear his new shirt against Metz

According to information from RMC Sport, Paris Saint-Germain will not wear its new shirt for next season during the match against Metz on Saturday. The players, including Kylian Mbappe, stood in the new jersey last week during a session in front of the club’s staff at Princes Park (LT).

The program of the thirty-eighth and last day of the French First Division

Saturday 21 May 2022

9 p.m.: Angers – Montpellier (Amazon Prime Video)
9 pm: Brest – Bordeaux (Amazon Prime Video)
9 p.m.: Clermont-Lyon (Amazon Prime Video)
9 p.m.: Lens – Monaco (Amazon Prime Video)
9 p.m.: Lille – Rennes (Channel + Sports)
9 p.m.: Lorient – Troyes (Amazon Prime Video)
9 pm: Marseille – Strasbourg (Canal + Dicale)
9 p.m.: Nantes – Saint-Étienne (Amazon Prime Video)
9 p.m.: PSG – Metz (Amazon Prime Video)
9 p.m.: Reims – Nice (Amazon Prime Video)

All meetings broadcast on Amazon Prime Video will also be available in multiplex

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