Pythons, pogonas … In Brittany, a shelter for abandoned reptiles opens – Edition du soir Ouest-France

Dogs and cats are not the only animals that suffer from abandonment. Two years after collecting them in his apartment, a young enthusiast has just opened a reptile sanctuary in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Quand son appartement a débordé de lézards, serpents et autres tortues abandonnés, Benoist Baucheron a dû se rendre à l’évidence : il lui fallait trouver un local pour Zanndoli (lézard en créole), l’il a association créé quéya two years . This is how his young subjects have been sharing the premises of southern Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) for a few weeks, with an aquarium club that has been looking for a roommate. Here, two rooms are assigned to this Noah’s Ark (the new pet), whose bad reputation for ten years has been their biggest concern.

double edge fashion

“A lot of people bought a snake or tortoise at a pet store when it became fashionable in 2010, without realizing that these are animals that can be fat, and can live for forty years…”

generate waves of desertion, “On the occasion of a career development, for a teenager becoming an adult he does not want a snake mate, or even death.” If the 2018 law had “ Controlled things, we take back a lot of animals that were adopted before. »

Benoist Baucheron, president of the Zanndoli Reptile Shelter Society, in Rennes (here with Pogona). (Photo: Western France)

Benoist, 25, has been fond of reptiles since childhood: “I had a lizard, anolis, when I was 12 years old. My parents agreed, on the condition that I take care of him and be responsible.” Then as a teenager, he would gradually collect other reptiles, “By friends of friends who no longer want it. » Buck S, and small jobs in pet stores while studying later, the young man takes his own apartment and continues to collect abandoned reptiles.

He was taken care of and released for adoption

A private individual can own up to 40 of them, and is no longer far from it… So he decided, with three friends, to set up the Zanndoli Association, in the year 2020. And pass a Certificate of Aptitude. This allows him to carry more of her and return her for adoption after she has been treated. Since last month, the association has rented half of the huge buildings for the Aquarium Club, in South Rennes.

Snake from the Zanndoli Reptile Shelter Association in Rennes. (Photo: Western France)

In this mild two-room apartment, everyone has their own aquarium, their own aquarium, and lives peacefully while waiting for a new adopter: three pogonas (lizards) basking on a pill under a heat lamp and asking for nothing more than interaction with a human hand. While this huge snake, two meters long, coiled on its branch, prefers to be observed from afar.

“20 animals pulled out in five days”

The sanctuary’s privacy (and its new notoriety) is a double-edged sword… “We just collected 20 animals in five days from all over France”, Benoist reports. Which currently includes 45 protected animals (but no dangerous or poisonous animals, which require special permits, such as zoos). Only a few low-capacity shelters with a discount for adoption are already open in France.

Pogona from the Zanndoli Reptile Shelter Society, in Rennes. (Photo: Western France)

But Zanndoli does not let his reptile go to anyone: “Before we validate the adoption, we check the person’s material, their motives, and that they are well aware that it is an obligation…” The sanctuary will open its doors to the curious on Saturday 14 May 2022 to discover the animals and volunteer with the family or foster them. Perhaps collecting some donations is the only source of income for the association. Benoist, who certainly fell for an aquarium when he was young, created his own small business a few months ago to create and install terrariums.

Doors open on Saturday

The Zandoli Reptile Sanctuary Open Days are taking place on Saturday 14 May 2022 from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Assembly Headquarters, 2, Rue d’Andor (Alain Savary Centre, Building F), in Rennes.

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