Quebec coach in trouble

The Quebec hockey coach who was founded in Switzerland 11 years ago finds himself in turmoil after the newspaper Sunday morning He had published a lengthy report accusing him of building his reputation on a false identity, which he denies outright.

Quebec Steve Howard was born in Gaspeze, but grew up in Lachin. For 11 years, he left for Switzerland after meeting his wife.

Then he quickly rose through the ranks of hockey in Switzerland, in particular, in 2017 and 2018, he became the head coach of the Swiss national under-18 women’s team. During the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, he was also an assistant coach on the Swiss women’s team.

But according to the progress Sunday morningHoward allegedly lied about his past and qualifications. Swiss Sunday suggests that Quebecers would have used the identity of another Steve Howard, whose profile is available on Elite Prospects, and who played for Gouverneurs de Sainte-Foy midget AAA in 1989-1990.

The error has been fixed at Elite Prospects and Switzerland-created Steve Howard no longer has the player’s past on his profile.

Bomo Thun participated in the Women's First Division in Switzerland in October 2017, coached by Steve Howard.

Image taken from Twitter

Bomo Thun participated in the Women’s First Division in Switzerland in October 2017, coached by Steve Howard.

Forged documents?

The newspaper also reported that Mr. Howard would have submitted false documents to the Swiss Hockey Federation in order to believe he had the qualifications to be a coach.

Huard was to present a High Performance 1 certificate, which he was to receive on September 1, 2009, as well as four documents proving his skills.

However, Services Jeunesses + Sports, a sports promotion program for children and youth in Switzerland, ended in June 2021: “According to the latest information gathered and after verification, I can certify that Mr. Steve Howard (born August 8, 1978) whose HCR number (Editor’s note: Canadian Hockey Registry) is 82360000367 who does not have any skills or trainer level registered on his profile. Also, he does not belong to the Canadian Coaching Association (NCCP) with number CC116889.”

Several stakeholders who have worked with Howard over the past eleven years have spoken to journalist Jan Aman, with some saying they were surprised by the allegations, praising his qualifications as a coach, others not.

deny everything

join Newspaper Monday morning, Steve Howard denied all the allegations.

“It is a report full of assumptions, hearsay and half-truths,” he said in a phone interview.

“I am frustrated and will defend my reputation with teeth and nails. I have been spending a lot of time with lawyers recently and intend to settle this matter in court. However, I know it will take two years and the damage is done, win or lose. Their goal was to destroy my life and they succeeded.”

Mr. Howard insists and signs: the documents he submitted to the Swiss Hockey Federation were not forged and the Elite Prospects profile is just a dilemma.

He says he played minor hockey in the Lake St. Louis area, but did not want to provide more details about his past, on the advice of his attorney.

“This is annoying”

Steve Howard hasn’t played in the hockey world in four years. He resigned after leading the Swiss women’s national team at the 2019 FIFA U-18 World Championships.

“I am tired of directing. It means a lot of sacrifices and travel.”

The 43-year-old is still drawn to this world in Switzerland since he made a podcast called MakeMatch In which hockey is discussed and Swiss hockey personalities are received.

I am independent and do what I want, how I want. I’ve been tough with some journalists and some guys, and it seems to bother me more than I thought. »

Howard serves as an advisor in Europe to the captain of Quebec Rimparts, Theo Rochet. He will not comment on the report from Sunday morning.

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