Resume all activities of the sports center and reactivate subscriptions

Resume all activities of the sports center and reactivate subscriptions

Posted on February 3, 2022

Olympic Park Sports Center announces the reactivation of subscriptions and the resumption of all activities, including entry to the training room, and access to swimming pools for All without reservation, Swimming and diving lesson session for adults as well as educational session. *

Activate subscriptions

Sports Center subscriptions will be reactivated on February 14th.

Thus, subscriptions (360 and Aquatic packages) will be suspended from December 20, 2021, i.e. When the government requested the cessation of the majority of sporting activities, on February 13, 2022 inclusive. The expiration of subscriptions will therefore be deferred by 56 days, which is the duration of the suspension.

The Sports Center team makes the change on the subscription expiry date. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address Recorded in your customer profile when you postpone the expiration date of your subscription. Since the due date for each subscription must be adjusted manually in our system, this process will take several weeks. We thank you in advance for your patience in this regard.

Training room reopening

toOn February 14, the gym will be open again to members and non-members, at 50% off. TheSince the training room is large and well ventilated, we generally do not exceed 50% capacity and therefore the establishment of a reservation system is not immediately necessary. We still invite you to encourage visits to the sports center on times and days that are generally less popular, when possible.

As before the closing of last December, some Peak hours will be reserved for gym members only. More information on this topic is available at Sports Center website.

Devices that can be used will be placed at a distance of 2 meters from each other. To this end, some devices identified by the “Out of Service” label cannot be used by customers. Please respect this procedure and leave the stickers in place.

Finally, many 12-month 360 plan members didn’t take advantage of their three free consultations with a coach. It will again be possible for members to schedule an appointment with the coach starting the week of February 21. enjoy To claim your free consultation! Email To open your Hexfit account, through which you can make an appointment with our coaches.

Swimming pools reopened to all

The free swimming service for members, with reservations, will end on February 12th. In fact, as of February 14, the pools will beIt opened again to members and non-members, without reservation. Then the capacity of each swimming lane will be 6 people per 25m lane and 8 per 50m lane. There will also be recreational swimming again.

If lanes be Completed When you arrive at the pools, you will have to wait on a chair until a place is available. We therefore invite you to prefer your visit at the lesser known times, when possible.

As last December, certain peak hours will be reserved for Sports Center members only. More information on this topic is available at Sports Center website.

Resumption of swimming and diving lessons for adults

session The 2022 Adult Winter Swimming and Diving Classes, for which registrations were signed in December, will take place the week of February 14 and the week after. April 18. However, it will be an exceptional session consisting of 9 lessons instead of 10 sessions. Thus registrants will receive a refund for their course session in the coming weeks.thigh. Also note that there will be a break from March 31 to April 2, which is why the 9-session session is spread out over 10 weeks.

As stated in a letter sent directly to customers registered for swimming and snorkeling lessons last week, adults enrolled in these lessons will still be able to enjoy a free swimming session. Or a free dive during the week of February 7, the day and time when a lesson should have been taken.

Note that the announcement of the resumption of classes for children and adolescents, as well as the resumption of life-saving classes for all, has already been announced in an earlier communication. If you or your child are enrolled in one of these, but have not received contact about recovery, please notify our team at

Due to the postponement of the 2022 Winter Games, few places have been made available for swimming, diving and lifeguard lessons (for children, teens and adults). If you would like to enroll or enroll your child, please send an email to stating the course and level you are interested in. Our staff will check if there is a place available on the required course and if so, they can enroll you. Note that the remaining places are very limited.

Resumption of the winter 2022 educational session

Winter Education Session 2022 will resume soon for members and non-members.

The Sports Center team is currently finalizing the class schedule. A message will be sent in the next few days with all the programming details.

Use of changing rooms

Use of locker rooms and sanitary cubes is always permitted. However, we ask that you limit your time in the changing rooms. So, if possible, come dressed in swimwear or sportswear and prefer to take a shower at home. Please also observe a distance of 2 meters with others at all times.

New Subscriptions, Notebook Coupons & Unique Entries

The Sports Center will be accepting new entries starting February 14th. It will also be possible to obtain a single entry or an entry booklet from the same date. Brochure entry vouchers will also be honored again from February 14th.

I wish to see you once again!

What a pleasure to welcome you back to all sports trays! Without you, the sports center would be much less welcoming.

We are somI am aware that general exhaustion is beginning to counteract the health situation. We do our best to make your experience at the Sports Center as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Fortunately, our spacious and airy spaces allow us to resume our activities without too many restrictions. However, it is the duty of each of us to respect the measures in place to ensure a safe environment for all. So we sincerely thank you for your continued cooperation. youWe have been setting an example throughout 2021 and we are confident that you will continue to do so in the coming weeks and months.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Sports Center!


Phone support will not be available until February 14th. In the meantime, please contact us by email with any questions:

* The health programs and measures of the Sports Center may change without notice depending on the evolution of the health situation and the recommendations of the Government of Quebec and public health.

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