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2021 marks Samsung’s fifteenth year as a leader in the global TV market

Samsung is unveiling its new TV portfolio today at the First Look virtual event ahead of CES 2021. With Neo QLED, MICRO LED and The Frame 2021, Samsung is opening the door to the future with its vision that it has successfully put into practice for years : a Samsung TV for any occasion. In all new models, innovation, sustainability and accessibility go hand in hand.

“Last year we saw how essential technology is,” he said. says Thierry Bossaert, Country Director CED at Samsung Benelux. “Thanks to technology, we have maintained contacts even remotely. We will continue to fulfill our function of promoting technological innovation in 2021, including when it comes to our televisions. “According to Samsung, an inclusive and sustainable future goes hand in hand with innovations that aim to bring unprecedented viewing experiences to as many people as possible.”

Neo QLED, a technological step forward

Samsung will introduce new display technology later this year, Neo QLEDwith two main models: 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN95A). With this new invention, Samsung takes QLED technology to another level. The secret in a nutshell : Quantum Mini LED, Quantum Matrix Technology and a Neo Quantum Processor.

Quantum Mini LED is 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs. It consists of extremely thin micro-layers with many more LEDs and thanks Quantum Matrix Technology, the operation of these tightly connected LEDs is just as accurate as ever. As a viewer, this is a plus because you see the visual content exactly as it is meant to be. The shadows are darker, while the highlights are brighter, resulting in extremely clear and detailed images. of Neo quantum processor, specially developed by Samsung, completes the device. The processor uses 16 different neural networks, each of which is trained in AI scale improvement and in-depth learning, resulting in optimized image quality in 4K or 8K regardless of source.

The Neo QLED 8K (QN900A) has sleek and sleek Infinity One Design. The virtually frameless screen offers an even more comprehensive viewing experience and, thanks to the case Slim One Connect easily connected, the TV not only installs in the blink of an eye, but you can also get rid of cables easily and quickly. function Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro gives amazing sounds. Thus, the sound follows the images with additional speakers at the top and bottom of the screen. You can literally hear airplanes from an action movie flying over your head. For optimal sound in any space, all QLED models are equipped with Sound SpaceFit.

With the smart features of Neo QLED 8K and 4K, your TV is a center of fitness, entertainment and work from home, all in one.

  • with View of the game Super Ultrawide, players can choose to play in the 21: 9 aspect ratio, but they can also switch to the 32: 9 aspect ratio for an even more immersive experience. And with Game bar, you can quickly adjust the settings, whether it’s changing formats, checking for input delays, or connecting headphones. With FreeSync Premium Pro, your game is as smooth as possible.
  • PC-on-TV facilitates work and study from home. You connect your PC to your Samsung TV and work with the mouse and keyboard. You can install the Easy Connection application on your computer and have direct access to MS Office 365 via the TV browser to modify and create documents.

Stunning MICRO LED image quality

Samsung is launching MICRO LEDs on traditional TVs in 2021. The stunning ultra-wide viewing experience of the next generation will initially be offered in 110 “and 99”. Smaller models will be coming later in the year.

The MICRO LED range uses small size micro LED lights. These make the backlight and color filters redundant. 24 million individually controlled LEDs produce their light and colors, giving them intense glow. Combined with Monolithic designs with a 99% screen-body ratio, you will surely have a wonderful viewing experience.

With custom innovations, Samsung smart TV features make the most of the large MICRO LED display. For example, you can easily track four different sources of content at once via Quad Multi View. You can also stream a guide while playing a game. The possibilities are endless.

The sound is as convincing as the images. Majestic-Sound is ideal for 5.1 sound without an external speaker, turning any room into a luxury home theater.

The new Frame in the TV Lifestyle portfolio

Since its introduction in 2017, frame, the television whose screen turns into a work of art when it is in “off” mode, has redefined the concept of television. More than a million copies have been sold and the 2021 version shines with its incredibly flat design. frame is about twice as thin[1] than previous models, corresponding to the depth of a traditional photo frame. The framework is available at five colors AND two customizable styles – modern and sloping – so you can fit it in the room where it will be placed or hung.

With a subscription to The Frame Art Store, you have access to over 1400 works of art.

More stable TV production

In the coming years, Samsung aims to become more and more stable. For television, this means:

  • Reduce emissions AND increase energy efficiency : At all stages of production, Samsung strives to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption and use more recycled materials.
  • Durable packaging : In 2020, Samsung became known for it ‘Eco-packaging’. The award-winning packaging will be used in 2021 for all Lifestyle TVs and all models in the QLED range. Annual savings: 200,000 tons of cardboard.[2]
  • Solar power remote control : Samsung 2021 TVs are equipped with solar powered remote control, rechargeable with internal and external lighting and USB. This will save about 99 million AA batteries over seven years.[3] Recycled plastic bottles are used to make the remote control.[4]

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[1] 46% thinner than previous models.
[2] Based on internal research.
[3] Based on internal research. Results may vary depending on conditions of use.
[4] Based on internal research.
* Review was made from ‘AAA batteries’ to ‘AA batteries’ regarding solar cell remote control on March 9, 2021

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