Shang Xia, a more smart fashion

Increasing the value of the planet fashion, is Yang Li. At the age of 34, he became the stylist of Shang Xia fashion collections, one of the first luxury homes in China, whose name literally means “invert”, translates its founder, Jiang Qiong Er. For those who read between the lines, they hear “the beauty of contrasts”, “the past and the future”, “tradition and modernity”.

Expert knowledge

Through his contemporary design vision, blended with ancient Chinese handicraft heritage, Shang Xia also sets milestones from east to west. The art of knitting scarves, cashmere, fine porcelain and bamboo adorns furniture, objects, accessories and bags. If Hermès is a shareholder in the brand, Exor (holding the Agnelli family) entered the capital in 2020 as a majority shareholder. Could this be the secret of the most complete character of the beautiful Chinese, still very little known in France?

Jiang Qiong Er, designer, general and artistic director of Shang Xia. DR / Luca Tombolini

What do you want, Yang Li is conspicuously present to pull the claws out of his comfort zone. It must be admitted that he adapted the style gently, but imposes its dynamics and an imperial energy. A Pekingese raised in Australia, he studied in London, at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, then, at just 24, founded his own minimalist and punk label. “Yang Li has a great ability to capture today’s China and translate it into a luxurious international language. He can invent a universe. Very few young Chinese stylists, even talented ones, understand the world of luxury and fashion. argues Jiang Qiong Er, stylist, general and artistic director of Shang Xia.

This new chapter is open with buzz during Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022, which, captivated by architectural silhouettes, chose its spectacle as one of the most beautiful of the season! In fact, the models evoke a sensation with their enveloping and liquid volumes, muted in saturated colors like the typical house cobalts, these fluorescent yellows and neon pink. Multiplying the dimensions, the young stylist demonstrates his virtuosity in scale games and overlaps, duality and contrasts (his trademark), using an abundance of puffy or almost liquid knits, thick satin and extraordinary silk. Some, varnished, reflect light as if water were flowing. In terms of clothing, it is both Asian and Western, above all very luxurious.

New fashion ties against decor

New stylist Yang Li and his imperial energy mark a new beginning for the Chinese brand.

New stylist Yang Li and his imperial energy mark a new beginning for the Chinese brand. DR / Luca Tombolini

“We wanted to offer a free job and courage in keeping with the spirit of Shang Xia. “We are still in an experimental phase, between our accessories studio in Paris, focusing on accessories, and Shanghai, focusing on local crafts.” says Jiang. Because working together between two continents requires little organization. Therefore, it is about a weekly creative committee that exchanges take place, in an ongoing dialogue, so as not to lose anything of the strong yarn woven over the last eleven years. In Paris, a library of porcelain, lacquer and books on China has even been set up to inspire employees.

The goal was to hit Yang Li’s pencil blends in well with the brand design. New, quite avant-garde connections are thus set in motion. “We are redesigning, for example, our chairs Ming. We maintain their minimalist look, but use ultra-light and strong carbon fiber, playing with much stronger colors. ” reveals the manager.

The first steps of Yang Li's Shang Xia fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2022.

The first steps of Yang Li’s Shang Xia fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2022. Luca Tombilini

Another creation, a series of contemporary vases, with clean lines and bright colors – the smallest is an incense vessel. “Like Yang Li in his collection, we work with circles (sky), squares (earth) and triangles (equilibrium) and for this reason we have launched a triangular bag. However, we want to avoid the obligation of rhythm out of respect for the environment and permanently install our most beautiful parts »emphasizes Jian Qiong Er.

In this sense, Shang Xia inaugurated an exclusive collaboration with MAD during Chinese New Year 2022, entrusting the Camondo school with the creation of its windows with products from the label. It also plans to open new addresses: in Shenzhen in July, Hainan and Taiwan, which will add 15 to the existing ones. Not forgetting a reinforced presence on the internet and in the next world of metaverses.


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