Slo, the Parisian gym where you take your time

“Harder, better, faster, stronger”The logo is engraved on the walls… To move forward faster, you also have to take the time. Recently arriving in the landscape of Parisian sports halls, Slowe Wellness House is a new generation home. With its bright space, large loft air, exposed walls, bar and large windows, the address is located in the heart of Paris’ most upscale neighborhood, a fun three-headed place that mixes exercise, alternative medicine sessions and a café.

It must be said that in recent years gyms have revolutionized and “gym stores” are spreading all over Paris. Understand: Clubs at the human level are at session prices according to the “pay-as-you-go” principle, which is a trend from the United States. At the base of the Slough Project, there is one note: “The gym is often an inhumane place where people meet but don’t mix, almost ignore each other”As says Etienne Benhout, one of the founders.

Choosing to combine relaxation around coffee and sports, Slowe Wellness House has reimagined the concept of the gym. (Vincent Mercier/The Team)

“Our approach is to make people want to go back to a place where they feel at home.” And for this, they created an authentic café. “People talk to each other, it restores communal living, somewhat like a counter”the former head of partnerships at Carlsberg continues at music festivals, because “This bright loft is a chance to take care of yourself before getting back into your routine”.

His partner, Matthew Magod, was working in finance for Standard & Poor’s rating agency. “He does a lot of sports in the studio and I do climbing which is a place for life”Penhout continues. Between them, they formed the identity of their room, the fruit of long thinking but also the fruit of setbacks.

In November 2019, they visited a building located at 30 Dinghen Street in XAnd The county, on March 18, 2020, must sign when COVID and confinement lower their momentum. The relationship will not end until November 2020. But it will be necessary to wait until June 9, 2021 and the reopening of Slowe gyms to open. A normal day starts at 7:30 AM with the first classes starting at 7:45 AM.

“The room is often a place where people meet but do not rub shoulders.”

Etienne Penhout, co-founder of Slowe

Concretely two rooms, two cores, with yoga and Pilates classes on one side, and HIIT on the other (High Intensity Interval Training, High Intensity Interval Training). These sessions consist of about ten people and are mainly women (10% men in yoga classes and 30 in HIIT classes). When the morning classes are over, the cafe runs at full speed. Between the two, there are appointment slots with therapists: physical therapist, reflexologist, osteopath or astrotherapist …

“We even launched a sports formula for co-working. The idea is that you come to work in the café with unlimited hot drinks and the possibility of a sports class a day.” Latte, cappuccino… Rooms that offer an advanced view are seldom more coffee shops. In order not to grind a little black between the two, Etienne trained as a cabarista with Caféothèque, a fine Parisian roaster.

Besides coffee, Slowe Wellness House offers detox juices.  (Vincent Mercier/The Team)

Besides coffee, Slowe Wellness House offers detox juices. (Vincent Mercier/The Team)

The house offers specialty coffees such as Chitul Tirol from Guatemala, sourced from Caféothèque, which develops beautiful peppery notes upon extraction. The cafe also offers excellent fresh organic juice pieces: detox (celery, apple, cucumber), antioxidants (beetroot, apple, carrot) and vitamin (orange, carrot, lemon) …

To connect sports with nutrition and recovery, Slowe also offers homemade Energy Balls, a protein smoothie with hemp plant protein and matcha CBD that helps relax muscles after sports. next step ? Thicken your food supply with salt, from brunch to takeout…eating better also makes you stronger.

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