Small house: Baluchon company unveils its latest wheelchair, Pétrichor

In French there are some words that were originally trademarks and have become almost “common names” or rather terms that everyone knows. When we talk about a refrigerator, everyone knows that it is actually a refrigerator! Soon we will probably buy a Baluchon and then everyone will realize that it is actually a small house … The Breton company has been around for several years and produces small custom made houses for its customers. Baluchon is also positioned as one of the references in this field in France. In this month of May 2022, its creators are back with Claire’s little house: La Pétrichor, the name given to the wind that blows rain on dry floors … A program of nature and nature awaits us on the Vendée side.

Back to basics with Pétrichor!

Funny name for a funny little house! With this new model chosen by Claire, a return to basics is okay … Minimalism, traditionalism and modernity could summarize Petrichor. It’s not very big, but isn’t this the concept of small houses in the beginning? The Pétrichor is designed for two people, and Claire’s cat … With a total length of 6 meters, placed in its trailer, the Pétrichor can be taken anywhere and is definitely in line with French approvals for towing. It looks a bit like a trailer with its dark cedar wall and red painted furniture. On the power supply side, Claire opted for a standard VR-style connection.

Photo: Baluchon

And how is it inside?

When the door to Claire’s little house opens, we enter the living room bathed in light thanks to the windows scattered around the little house. Therefore, the convertible sofa can accommodate two guests to sleep. Next to the living room is the kitchen in which Baluchon was able to place a folding table, a sink, a small fridge / freezer, an oven and a four-burner gas cooker. Shelves are installed for optimize the smallest space, and the bathroom is also on the ground floor… This very small room has a shower and a toilet! The bedroom is accessed by a staircase into the space and is exactly what you would expect from this small type of house, with a typical loft-style bedroom that has limited headroom, with a small table and a double bed.

However, there is a large storage cabinet hidden behind the bed, which functions as a nightstand. In addition, Petrichor contains a secondary attic space. It is too small to accommodate an adult and it might make more sense to make it a little bigger, but it can still be useful as an extra storage corner. It is not known the price of this new model with the firm Baluchon, but in general their prices starting from around € 80,000… In any case, this Pétrichor is adorable!

Petrichor Small House from the inside
Photo: Baluchon

Technical characteristics of Pétrichor de Baluchon

  • Chassis: Baluchon trailer with paint option.
  • Useful length: 6 meters.
  • Framework: Grade 2 spruce.
  • Insulation: Cotton, linen and hemp for the floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Windows and doors: Wood / aluminum double glazed mixed motor boat.
  • Hardware: Würth.
  • Rain and Vapor Barrier: Rain Cut Proclimates and OuatEco Vapor Barrier (Humidity Variable).
  • Household appliances: De Dietrich electric hot water tank, gas cooker, Klarstein refrigerator.
  • Parquet and parquet: Landes spruce and pine heat-treated solid heat screwed into the beam and glazed.
  • Cover: Aluminum tray with standing quilts.
  • Coating: Red cedar with anti-UV impregnation and quilted aluminum tray cover.
  • Panel: Raw white spruce and natural spruce planned.
  • Equipment: Strong oak and spruce.
  • Ventilation: Lunos with two CMV leaks + air extraction.
  • Legrand circuit breaker and LED lighting.
Petrichor Small House from the inside 2
Photo: Baluchon

Baluchon’s little extra thing: an electronic cat crash for the owner’s cat! And here is a free kitten doing his business whenever he wants… She’s cute, this young Baluchon, right? More information:

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