Sport helps fight violence against women

Since Strasbourg is full of secret sports, unusual and exciting, Pokaa continues the chain of discovery of unknown sports in Strasbourg. Today, let’s discover body karate, a sport that combines cardio, karate moves and good music. But it is also gradually being part of the fight against violence against women.

Karate saw renewed interest after the Tokyo Games in 2021. Gold medalist Stephen Da Costa – 67 kgTatami mats and kimonos are back in the French media. Other than Karate, other practices derived from this sport are also developing. And in Strasbourg, this notably includes Laurence Belrhiti, who introduced the women and men of Strasbourg to a still unknown sport: karate suit.

At first glance, the young woman has an impressive resume: a karate teacher since she was 15, and she is now National Karate Actress, six-time Discipline Champion, but also Bronze Medalist at the 2010 World Cup, Baccalaureate year. It must be said that karate, among the ballerinas, is a family affair. ” This is my mother, Catherine Bellerheti – Two-time European Champion and World Karate Champion, Editor’s Note – Who invented the karate suit in the first decade of the twenty-first century “The young woman explains. After the mother, it is the daughter who enters the tatami mat, and takes over the development of body karate.

Lawrence Bellarhity in city clothes
Lawrence Bellarhity. © Nicholas Caspar/Boca

Desire to develop female martial arts practice

turn ? ” Feminizing the world of martial arts and fighting violence against women Indeed, if body karate were to suit all the men and women of Strasbourg, There is above all a desire to develop women’s practice. The practice was prompted by the French Karate Federation, who wanted to see more women practicing the martial arts. Thus, it is distinguished from its original sport by the absence of combat and contact.. More concretely: Body karate is simply karate of music. We do a series of gestures found in Karate, which are performed to the beat of the music, in the choreography “.

However, all the benefits of martial arts remain the same. Young woman develops: The most important thing is to try to develop an attitude. He passes with self-confidence, fears a dangerous situation … In fact, we all have the richness of martial arts, in their values Exercise has many advantages: It is good when you are anxious and stressed. It is a form of meditation, like a therapeutic activity. The fact that you have goals, the values ​​of sport, the ambition, the confidence you develop… So doing punches and kicks is like kicking your troubles out on a tatami…we feel calm (smiles)”.

Body Karate Class led by Lawrence Bilherty
© Laurence Belrhiti – Document submitted

A fun sport that gives self-confidence to all women

In addition, body karate is above all a fun sport. There are no prerequisites in martial arts at the entrance: “ You should not be afraid of martial arts. It’s really hearty, it’s fun, and it’s accessible to everyone. It’s an authentic way to handle martial arts and self-defense Music already plays an important role: Any woman can practice martial arts. Music will only train her to believe it “, explains Laurence Belrhiti. Thus, the goal above all is to enjoy and enjoy the atmosphere: ” We come to the course, there will be a great atmosphere, music, a kind of family being created. There are no differences in level, everyone makes gestures at the same time, at their own pace. Through music, we can bring together women of all origins and formations “.

These women will gradually gain self-confidence. Indeed, in music, practitioners develop real karate moves, as the young woman points out: “ People come first just to sweat and come out with real pure Karate gestures So it’s no surprise to know, according to Lawrence BellarhityAnd After starting body karate, Then 3/4 of the practitioners start a martial exercise. Evidence of the confidence that the values ​​of martial arts can bring to its practitioners.

Sport is part of the fight against violence against women

Finally, body karate has an important social component. In fact, as Lawrence Belheriti taught her, this practice is part of the fight against violence against women. While the mind plays a major role in martial arts practice, Body-karate allows you to regain some form of control over your body. The effect that the young woman noticed on her students, whether they were 12 or 65 years old: “ I realized while doing my lessons, that in the end, Women came to me and told me that they feel stronger in their daily lives. They develop mechanisms that serve them in everyday life. It’s like taking revenge for what happened to us and taking/taking back control of your life “.

Through training periods, SIG or Racing demos, or impact weekends,” Sports and personal development workshops to help women build their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses and achieving their goals Gradually Laurence Belrhiti began to include his sport in a more social struggle. always to give her students the impression that they are strong in what they do:” Every year, we create a choreography related to the cause. The goal is to achieve this during the Women’s Day that I organize every year. Thus, practitioners will realize that they will advocate the issue of violence against women in phases with international clarity.. They will feel stronger and more confident “.

Demonstration in Body Karate during the 34th Martial Arts Festival in 2019 led by Lawrence Blehriti
© Laurence Belrhiti – Document submitted

Courses available in and around Strasbourg

So, if you’re interested or interested, Laurence Belrhiti offers several lessons per week, in and around Strasbourg. These are one hour lessons:

  • Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Lycée Kléber
  • Wednesdays at La Forge in Plobsheim, 6:30 p.m. and one at 8 p.m.
  • Thursday at Geispolsheim rue de la porte basse at 6:30 pm
  • Fridays at La Strasbourgeoise, rue Jacques Kable, at 8 pm.

You can come and try a class to see if you like it. Registration is done at any time of the year. All other information is available at this address.

It turns out that body karate is more than just a sport. By blending the values ​​of martial arts with the fun side of exercise with music, it makes it possible to reach the population who would normally be reluctant to believe that they can practice martial arts. In addition, its impact goes far beyond simple exercise, as it is part of the fight against violence against women. A good example of the values ​​that sport can convey in society.

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