Sport’Aide launches a new holistic approach

Sport’Aide, on Monday, unveiled its new approach titled “Inclusion – Opening up to diversity in the sporting environment”. The completely new program aims to equip the entire sports community and the general public to facilitate inclusion and participation in sport for transgender people.

Up to 70% of Canadian athletes surveyed believe team sports do not welcome LGB youth, according to a 2015 international study.

“At the end of last season, nearly a dozen sports organizations contacted us because they were experiencing a condition involving the inclusion of transgender or esports athletes into their organization and expressed a desire to be equipped,” said Sylvain Croteau, Managing Director of Athletic Assistant.

“Given that there have been little or practically no tools to guide our sports organization managers in addressing these problems, we have surrounded ourselves to propose an approach that will allow us to get a global picture of what we can implement as tool-conditions interventions and outreach activities. »

L’approche « Inclusion – Ouverture aux diversités en milieu sportif » répondra donc aux besoins identifiés en consultation, soit d’accueillir la réalité trans en sport, d’apprendre et de comprendre, d’agir et de changer la culture, et de concert the society. At Aigles Jr de Trois-Rivières, a formation of the Elite Junior Baseball League of Quebec (LBJEQ), we are already aware of the listing because one of its players chose to change gender in 2019, continuing his activities within the Trois-Rivières formation. In fact, Danick Lachance, now Victoria Lachance, got her fourth season at Trois-Rivières off to a prolific start as she didn’t allow any points in five rounds of action.

“For our part, we were quickly involved when the situation presented itself to us. We quickly told ourselves it was up to us to see how we could support him. I looked for answers to do things right and I called Sport’Aide’s assistant. They helped us right away. I really remember we wondered, ‘Me And coaches, what would we do if our son and we did, and our coaches still do today, with that approach.

“I remember when Steve (Ager) called me to tell me the news and we all said we were going to be there for her, that baseball was open to everyone and that we were going to create a safe arena. Since then, we now have the tools for other athletes who want to do it, no matter what the sport,” he added. Maxime Lamarche, general manager of baseball in Quebec: “I invite other sports to do like us, especially hockey and football, which have a very large group of players.”

Sport’Aide also took the opportunity to reveal that Baseball Quebec and LBJEQ are collaborating on this awareness movement. Baseball Québec will put Sport’Aide’s multicolored logo on its teams’ uniforms, while LBJEQ will do the same on its protective helmets, while making June an awareness month. Roger Broult, president of the Elite Junior Baseball League of Quebec (LBJEQ), also gave a moving testimonial to the first convertible to develop within the league.

“I still remember coming here in Trois-Rivieres and asking her what she wanted to do. I told him we were going to support him in that. I met his father in the stands and he told me he had a boy, now a girl. I told him he was lucky to still have a baby, because he’s still the same person.” In the end, it’s just a lifestyle choice. I came a few times to see a play, and asked her how she was every time. You know, talking about trash in our union is 100%. On the other hand, there was nothing about Victoria because it’s a lifestyle choice. And people accept it.”

“Again, before this meeting today, I met her at Repentigny to discuss and she told me she was ready to lead by example, but she wasn’t comfortable speaking in public. No problem! We’re not here to judge, but to support. What a great story! Three years ago she wasn’t sure what she would do, and last year she was on the hill at the Grand Final of the Elite Baseball League in Quebec.”

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