Sports: 5 “good mood” fitness influencers that make us want to get started

Posted on Feb 16, 2022 at 6:12 pm

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Do you want to return to sports without pressure? Here are five fitness influencers who take exercise seriously.

We’ve all been through this situation before: the desire to get back into sports comes to the fore and then we turn to YouTube to find training videos. Just when we think we’ve found our happiness, hell begins: the level is too high, we quickly run out of steam and throw in the towel. Then we open Instagram and discover countless posts with the hashtag No Pain No Gain straight from fitness hell. To avoid that kind of disappointment, here are five “good mood” influencers to follow on social networks.

Pamela Reeve (@pamela_rf)

25-year-old German Pamela Reeve exploded in popularity during confinement. On Instagram and YouTube as well, the athletic lady has more than eight million subscribers. What do we like? His multiple videos adapted to all levels and encouraged him throughout the training period. With her, forget promises of the “flat stomach in 15 days” or “bulging buttocks challenge,” Pamela Reeve advises three things: do physical activity at your own pace, be strict but also listen to yourself.

Every two weeks, the athlete presents programs on her application for different issues: building her buttocks, working out the abdominal muscles, plans five training sessions of 45 minutes per day at a moderately high level or less, as well as a program of three sessions per week, for people with stress for time.

At the same time, in her order (which you can subscribe to for 2 euros per month), Pamela Reeve publishes recipes for her invention, gourmet and easy to prepare.

Billy Brown (@baileybrwn)

Billy Brown is an Australian Pilates teacher who exudes sunshine and positivity. On YouTube, she offers exercises inspired by her discipline for every part of the body. A little extra? For most of his videos, there is no need for hardware. Some need weights attached to the ankles, but nothing is mandatory.

Billy Brown also launched her app called “BBFit”. They offer a variety of different courses and programs that can target the muscles or respond to a problem: improve cardio, tone muscles or “reset” weeks that combine gentle, consciously done training for a real increase in “energy”.

Alia (alohalaia_)

A true French nugget, Alaïa “helps women feel beautiful and confident without a restrictive diet or frustration,” she likes to say. And for good reason, on her website, the young woman explained that she has been a victim of these practices in the past: “I’ve been restricting diets for months and months and tested a lot of more or less effective workouts. I’ve been obsessed with calories all day… (…) Obsessed with other girls on Insta that I wanted to look like. Today, Ala ensures that no one else will have that experience. She offers a 12-week program called “Booty Hell” that can be done in the gym or from the comfort of her living room. Pillars of his method The four?know your metabolism, intuitive eating, proper training and a positive state of mind.

Caroline Perino (theoginist)

Caroline Perino, a yoga teacher in Paris, has an atypical profession: while working in the environment in Shanghai, she decides to leave everything to settle in Bali and train to become a yoga teacher. On her YouTube channel, the 30-year-old has a few videos available to try yoga when the mood takes us. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Caroline Perino has offered online courses. What do we like? Her Instagram account where she links unlikely poses in front of historical monuments and where she shares her daily life as a young mother.

Laurie Tillman (@laurythilleman)

We no longer need to introduce Miss France 2011, Laury Tilleman, who writes a column for our website every week. On Instagram where she is followed by over a million people, she shares her daily adventures, examples from her gym sessions, but also tips for approaching life with more lightness. She is also the author of several books on the Au TOP (Tonic, Organic, Positive) way of wellbeing offering the keys to mixing athletic challenges and balanced food but also a positive and guilt-free attitude.

At the same time, the former lady launched a podcast called “How Are You” where she addresses moments of doubt without complication.

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