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The School of Sports Management is an international business school specializing in sports management. Thanks to its professional school courses, it trains its students and confronts them with the realities of the field. As the Olympic Games in Paris loom, the sports industry is experiencing strong development and more and more students are interested in it.

The School of Sports Management (SMS), established in 2010, has become a reference in terms of education in the sports business profession. It has managed above all to develop at the same time as the professionalization of clubs and sports federations by developing specific training courses, able to meet the requirements of players in this field. Accessible after the baccalaureate, it allows its students to combine study and passion, while ensuring rapid professional integration.

In addition to its main center in Paris, the school has also developed internationally with the opening of several universities in strategic cities such as Lausanne where many international confederations are located, but also in Barcelona, ​​Rabat, Cairo, etc., and more recently Rome. These programs also attract high-profile athletes who want to prepare for their professional retraining thanks to an adjusted schedule and coaching that can be accessed online.

From theory to practice

The School of Sports Management offers many opportunities to students, allowing them to face the realities of the market. The Paris campus offers two types of training, first of all, a Bachelor of Management spanning over a three-year period. After the general first year, students can choose between training or work-study programs and encounter, for example, organizing events such as the SMS eSport Cup. By expanding into esports, the idea is to make the students responsible for developing a concrete project. In the third year, the goal is to put them in a more strategic position where they will have to work on calls for tenders submitted by the school’s partners.

From theory to practice
From theory to practice © Sports Management School

Meanwhile, the MBA is spread over two years of training where students can choose from 9 majors including Sports Management, Marketing, E-Sports and Events. At the start of the 2022 school year, a new course on ‘Media and Digital’ will see the light of day. “In the final year, students work in pairs on a professional thesis that will enable them to create a network,” adds David Minot, the school’s academic director. “Again, this allows the student to face the reality of the market.”

Throughout their studies, students find themselves invested in various clubs, societies and even federations through professional or volunteer assignments. Thus they discover the intricacies of the field and can apply the theoretical aspects of training. They also benefit from the intervention of many sports business professionals in order to tackle more specific topics.

Paris 2024 Olympics Chance

In recent years, the sports industry has developed greatly to the point of becoming an industry in itself. In France, it represents 78 billion euros during 2020 according to BPCE. The health crisis related to Covid-19 has brought to light new digital aspects as the goal is now to give the fan a different experience.

Paris 2024 Olympics Chance
Paris 2024 Olympics, Opportunity © Sports Management School

The sector also benefits from the organization of the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. These two events will create thousands of jobs and boost an already thriving industry. “Our development is also due to current events and various sporting events. This is even more true with the following deadlines,” explains David Minot. “The great thing is that the sport is constantly evolving, and this allows us to create new programmes, but above all to give students the opportunity to get closer to the field.”

Today, 93% of SMS students receive a job offer even before they graduate. A number that perfectly illustrates the successful bet of providing high-quality on-the-job training for the students’ future professional success.

Driven by the upcoming sporting events and especially the Olympic Games in Paris, sports management schools are gradually developing. It is a real opportunity for many young people to turn their passion into a career. Like e-sports, which was still unknown a few years ago, different activities will appear and offer new professional perspectives. For many sports fans, it is also an opportunity to contribute to the success of tomorrow.

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