Sports: Pisces has a pig in its skin

sports. The Biesles Sports and Recreation Center (PSLB) is hosting the French Swin-Golf tournaments this weekend. More than 150 participants from all over France will come to play the swings on the 18-hole course.

The first of its kind in the Grand Est. The town of Biesles will host the French Swin-Golf starting Wednesday, May 25th. The competition will actually start on Thursday, May 26, when 155 participants from all over France will pass one by one on the 18-hole course. Departure every eight minutes.

For three days, they will try to achieve the lowest score, synonymous with victory. Over the course of the three days of the competition, each participant will add the result achieved in his three sessions. Whoever has the lowest number, which represents the number of club hits given, will win the tournament. In the event of a tie, a playoff event (or “sudden death tiebreak”) will give the name of the winner. Four age groups were identified: 18-50 years, 50-65 years, 65-75 years, and 75 years and older.

Modern specialty in sports

Swin-golf is “country golf’s cousin,” explains Lillian Richard, vice president of Bieslois Sports and Recreation Center (PSLB), event organizer, but also president of the East Swin-Golf Association. “It is an increasingly recognized system that is affecting more and more followers. It is a sport that is much less expensive than golf and above all easier to access.”

Ten years ago, the PSLB joined the French Federation of this discipline. “We set up a 9-hole course in 2009. Thus, in 2012, in order to be able to organize competitions, it was necessary to join,” explains Isabelle Meyer, president of the Pace Sports Center.

general support

Very quickly, the desire to see swin-golf in Biesles prompted the largest union to expand its course. Going from 9 holes to 18 holes, allowing them to host major competitions. We asked the municipality to get more land to modify the route. We have received support in this project, which today allows us to be recognized at the level of the administration, the region, and even in France,” says Lilian Richard and Isabel Meyer with satisfaction.

These tournaments resonate as a dedication to all the progress made since 2009 for the PSLB. “We worked on building the case to host this national competition for two years, and finally, the municipality of Biesles was selected despite competition from other clubs,” adds the vice president.

Games Land 2024

Thus the association itself gives the means to develop swin-golf on Earth. About thirty volunteers will take care of all logistics from May 25 to 28, starting at 7 a.m. (first departure is scheduled for 7:30 a.m.). In addition, the PSLB officially has a federal referee, four federal referees, and eight accredited observers who will oversee the audience during the event. Lillian Richard continues: “They will welcome visitors and inform them of the rules of good conduct to be applied so as not to disturb the players.”

Because tournaments are open to the public. Throughout the competition, exploration activities and massage sessions will be available. The activities will highlight the structure of the Biesles Sports Center, especially since the Federation is one of the rare union clubs that has been awarded the “Tourism and Disability” label at the national level with “4 Disabilities”. In addition, a local market is organized on Thursdays where any exhibitor can come and stay for free.

The PSLB 25 of its competitors entered the French Swin-Golf Championships. This is an excellent way to promote the “Terre des Jeux 2024” sign that Agglo de Chaumont is displaying on the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Moreover, the community supports the club in organizing these French championships through the European Leader’s Fund.

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