Sshotss, the new platform that connects photographers and athletes

If the observation applies to all sports, from skiing to skateboarding, football and tennis, surfing is at the forefront of Sshotss’ adventure for two reasons…

If the observation holds true for all sports, from skateboarding to skateboarding through soccer and tennis, surfing is at the forefront of Sshotss’ adventure for two reasons: first, the discipline is a success on the internet and social networks, fond of pictures; And secondly, through the strong bond that binds her to her designer.

Philippe Demarsan, alias Pilot (not related to North, but without knowing the origin of the surname either), is, in fact, a former member of the sulfur band of the Grande Plage de Biarritz who, in the eighties, “did everything together, things went well and things Not so well,” La Mouche summed up, among the pillars of this group of crazy, limitless surfers, in the documentary “Biarritz Surf Gang” released in 2017.

Bocas del Toro

After studying advertising in Paris and back in Biarritz in the restaurant business, Bilott traveled as an unorganized gang (with Kiki, Manu, Shengar, to name a few respected aliases) to Central America in the early 1990s. Two restaurants in Costa Rica.” Before taking two vacations in Panama after falling in love with a wave: Bocas del Toro.” No one was there at the time, I was surfing there with a couple of locals. »

For “Surfos” magazine, he was also the first to take pictures there before it became a popular destination for surfers from all over the world. Advertising, Marketing, Events and Photography: For thirty years, Philippe Demarsan has been developing surfing and sports on the other side of the Atlantic.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when he was “locked up at his home in Panama” the idea for Sshotss came to him, by clicking on a photo, which revealed his metadata. “It’s the photo ID,” he explains. “Everything is there, where I was, when I took it.”

Based on real-time geolocation for photographers, the platform was launched in March 2021 in the small Central American country, with the support of Pauline Allazard. “I am the creator, it is technology,” Philippe Demarsan sums up for the person accompanying him on this project (2), a 31-year-old woman from Aveyron who “met in the water in Panama” where, after her first life in high-tech, she decided to set sail to Central America “to travel and surf”.

“Everyone plays sports, from beginners to advanced, but no press agency depicts an active person”

Sshotss landed last month in France and in particular in the Basque Country (and then in Lacanau), with the ambition of “connecting paparazzi and athletes”, supports Pauline Alzard. A godsend for the latter, for professionals or amateurs, who are looking for high-quality photos of their “exploits” without going through the expensive services of a private photographer or having to book a session. The designers of the platform boast that “they just have to go where the paparazzi are.”

Simplicity and immediacy

A way, above all, for photographers, professional or amateur, to earn a significant additional income, at a time when the profession is experiencing serious difficulties, exacerbated in recent months by the health crisis. “It is a platform, not an agency, aimed at all audiences, on both sides of the camera,” Olivier Morin, photographer at AFP, is enthused about the concept in which he sees, at the same time, “excellent training for professional photographers, especially in sports we don’t know much about” .

He continues, “Everyone plays a sport, from beginner to advanced, but no press agency ever depicts someone in an activity.” “Instead of having a souvenir photo taken by your brother, sister or friend, Sshotss provides an easy-to-use and price-friendly platform, which is affordable, hence, it is important to get a good picture of yourself. The photographer is there with the quantity sold. . »

Driven by the “simplicity in the immediacy” of the concept, Olivier Morin realizes “enormous potential”, in winter as in summer. “Scheduled to go global, the platform is a bit like the old beachgoer’s version revisited with a modern tool. Click, Clack, Schutes.

(1) (2) alongside Patrick Castagnot, Roger Castillero, François Bayot and Marie-Isabelle Demarsan.

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