Successful separation or divorce is possible!

It is a difficult number to read: about 40% of marriages end in divorce. And, although there is no official data on ordinary spouses, on their side of the fence, the trend would be similar.

Separation or divorce can seem complicated on a legal and human level. Fortunately, a series of podcasts produced by JuridiQC come to the aid of those who pass this test. Defensive word? Successful separation or divorce is possible.

A podcast on a human scale


Through five episodes of the JuridiQC podcast series, journalist Vanessa Destiné invites people to talk about their experience of divorce or separation, without pink glasses.

Stéphane explains how mediation helped him in his separation. André removes the veil of the difficult reconstruction process after a split. Audrey and Geneviève were inventive in ensuring a smooth transition for their respective children. Marion, she secured her ex for money matters. Finally, Eni tells us her journey to get out of a relationship characterized by violence and the support she received. Authentic, comforting and soothing exchanges.

“The evidence provides an excellent insight into the emotions, questions and journey of people who are divorcing and separating,” explains Danielle Blondin, Executive Director of the Société québécoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ).

During the discussions, professionals come to shed the most guiding light on the situations experienced. “Family mediators, psychologists and guest lawyers provide very enlightening information,” she adds.

Listening to JuridiQC podcasts, you quickly realize that for a successful divorce or separation, communication, putting the ego aside and thinking above all about the interests and well-being of the children are the key to success. And most of all remember that time does its job.

Whether you are directly affected or someone close to you is passing this test, this podcast is a great source of information.

Premeditated ideas to undo


Can you really succeed in your divorce? For me, Annie Mongeon, project director of JuridiQC, it is initially necessary to undo some premeditated ideas.

1. A separation or a divorce is necessarily a long, painful and conflicting process.

“In itself, a divorce or a separation is a difficult test in life. But it can still go well. “Mediation is a process that is often used by couples, which helps them to calmly resolve the consequences of their divorce or separation,” says Me Mongeon.

2. Married couples and ordinary partners have the same rights.

“On the contrary! There is still a lack of knowledge about the differences between married couples and de facto spouses that arise at the time of separation, for example, housing, division of property, financial issues,” underlines Me Mongeon.

3. A separation or a divorce is necessarily expensive; there are no free resources.

“There are a variety of free or low-cost resources, ranging from free family mediation hours provided by the Quebec Department of Justice and legal aid,” notes Me Mongeon. “Local Justice Centers also provide free legal information, support and guidance services,” she continues.

Finally, you should know that for victims of domestic violence, there are many free resources like SOS conjugal violence (1 800 363-9010) and Rebâtir (1 833 REBÂTIR 1-833-732-2847) that offers 4 hours of work legal. advice in all areas of law. “Do not hesitate to ask for help”, she concludes.

Do not dive into the process! Find reliable and easy-to-understand information about separation and divorce listening to JuridiQC podcasts and taking advantage of the free online service created specifically for you.


JuridiQC is an online service that helps citizens understand their rights through easily understood legal and psychosocial information, tailored to their situation. It also allows you to quickly find professionals and organizations and take legal action. This online service is produced by the Société québécoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ) and funded by the Ministry of Justice of Québec.

JuridiQC initially deals with divorce and separation, a topic at the center of citizens’ concerns that was consulted throughout the process of creating JuridiQC. More topics will be added soon.

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