Tarn. Local sport in mourning after the deaths of Patrick Kleiman and Daniel Camares

They had one rugby and another bike attached to the body. Castres Patrick Clément and Labrugiérois Daniel Camarès both lost their lives a few days after falling ill. Here is their life story.

Two top sports enthusiasts lost their lives a few days later. The disease took Patrick Kleiman, a loyal supporter of CO, and Danielle Kamares, fans of cycling since childhood. Their relatives tell them.

He would have turned 62 in September. Patrick Kleiman, a native of Castries and a CO baby, died at the beginning of the month after a final battle against the disease. His funeral was held last Thursday. A sudden departure that saw many of Castres’ supporters, particularly within the Castres Beauvoir Society: “Patrick, above all a beautiful encounter in 2010: behind his somewhat intense atmosphere hid a man with a big heart. He soon joined the Power Castres and their meetings and organized the entertainment at Pierre Stadium. Faber and in the evening.Moreover, a few years ago, he dressed as Santa Claus to attend the CO meeting. With great sadness we learned of his disappearance, those who knew him keep an unforgettable memory of Patrick. Pepe or Balo or even Clementine, everyone can use their nickname!Volunteers testify In one voice a tribute to the driver who used to work for the Buck Concrete Company in Cambonnier.

Patrick, a life in a white cornflower

A small honor will be organized among the fans during the next home match. Castres Olympique was a big part of his life. To remember, when he didn’t travel much for away matches, in 2014, he was with us on the bus for a final loss to Toulon. Again what a joke despite the defeat. It is always said that the best comes first, and no Doubt that is the case with him. Patrick also had relations with active members of the Torcida Castra ”, adds Julian Julligaard: “We will miss you Pepe.”

Patrick Kleiman had no children, but a young brother. His ex-wife Malika Moussaoui paints her portrait: “He was a kind, helpful, honest, hardworking and generous man. Live dignified! Apart from rugby, Patrick enjoyed fishing and playing petanque with his friends from Soual Club.

Daniel, bike lover

The last pedal strokes of a rhythmic life around the bike. Daniel Kamares, 64, died at the end of April, after a long struggle with illness. From Roquiere where he grew up in La Brugueire, where he lived with his wife Vera, in the small, quiet village of La Riquelé, the sad news spread quickly.

Richard Auriac, former mayor of La Brugueire and his friend: “We were very close to Daniel, almost like brothers. We saw each other once or twice a week, we went on vacation together a few times. We have known each other since the age of 17 when my father discovered him during bike races and made him He comes to Vélo sport Léo Lagrange. He was his club for life, at heart. He was a loyal friend, he loved to laugh, he took life with a smile. Rarely have I seen someone who liked cycling as a whole: it was a complete love, from the smallest to the highest. He had the bike under his skin.”

Pierre Cobain, President of Route d’Occitanie-La Dépêche du Midi: “Daniel was an excellent amateur runner for the former Route d’Historical Club of the Sud, Vélo sport Léo Lagrange in Castres. Daniel fought like a lion, as he did in the past at the Grand Prix de Roquecourbe, just as he worked, as a treasurer and accountant for our association, to straighten and clean up the event’s finances. The Route du Sud owes him a great deal and the Route d’Occitanie-La Dépêche du Midi owes him his survival. A great and noble servant has gone for French cycling. »

Daniel had an eldest daughter, Marie, granddaughter of Aussie and son Francois, who confesses: “My father really loved exchanges, he loved life, he was good, loyal. »
Defending his land, “tied to his roots”, Labrugiérois often went for walks in Montenegro, making a detour to the Cabanac Stadium, where he went to see the play OL XV.

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