The 25 best restaurants to discover in 2019

Even this year, many restaurants opened their doors. What is even more pleasing is the high quality of the new facilities.

Even small gourmet counters or small neighborhood restaurants offer services worthy of mention. The quality is indisputable. It must be said that customers are more and more smart, they are more informed and they know what they want. In addition, they have the choice, which pushes restaurants to do better, to everyone’s satisfaction. The 25 restaurants offered in this list are terrific in their respective styles.

This list of essential things will grow even more in 2019. Think of Europea, which will open at the end of December 2018, or Brasserie T at the end of January 2019 at Dix / 30 …

In this selection you will find large tables which, on their own, are worth the trip, restaurants on Instagram with breathtaking decor, friendly counters and small addresses at very reasonable prices.

Happy gourmet new year to all.

1. Laurie Raphael

★★★★★ | $$$$$

Open for more than 25 years, the restaurant has undergone a major transformation that also allowed us to rethink the restaurant concept. Chef Raphael Vézina, Daniel’s son, transports you to a world of perfection without being anything pompous, pretentious or intimidating. His cuisine is delicate, technical and generous, the products are exceptional and the result on the plate is impressive. A unique restaurant in Quebec and Canada.

Dalhousie Street 117

Quebec • 418-692-4555

2. Monarch

★★★★ | $$$$ Restaurant | Brewery $$$

Father and son Bastien’s new restaurant is really great. A restaurant different from the others, thought out to the smallest detail. Impressive decor, energetic atmosphere, accessible cuisine, delicious cakes, a thoughtful wine list, polite staff, everything to give you butterflies. The great success of this newcomer to the Montreal scene is not surprising. The real holiday of the year.

406 St. Jacques

Montreal • 514-875-3896

3. Henri, French Brasserie

★★★★ | $$$$

Located in the magnificent building of the Birks jewelry store, to which we have added an international class 5-star hotel, Henry is an elegant multi-service bar offering breakfasts, lunches, dinners, elegant hours of happiness and private meetings. Seafood is featured in the dining room. The bar is very popular at any time of the day and evening. Probably one of the best restaurants in the country, enhanced by elegant cuisine.

1240 Phillips Square

Montreal • 514-544-3674

4. Hoogan and Beaufort

★★★★ | $$$$

Marc-André Jetté is an excellent chef, backed by an attentive and professional team. The desire to serve local products to customers and to highlight the craft takes on its full meaning here. It also offers very harmonious combinations of wines and foods. You will be enchanted by the chimney hearth where the homemade bread is baked over the wood fire embers.

Molson Street 4095

Montreal • 514-903-1233

5. Pigor

★★★★ | $$$

They are four, two in the kitchen, two in the dining room. Partners and friends, they are young, talented, incredibly passionate and want to please you. They served me one of the best meals in years. These young professionals deserve to sit in their small premises. Nothing fancy, nothing fashionable like downtown Montreal, but it’s so good. Happiness in the mouth. The visit is worth the detour.

3780 Wellington Street

Verdun • 514-907-0816

6. Arvi

★★★★ | $$$$

There is a culinary freedom in Arvi that is very attractive because nothing is taken to the extreme to stun the tastes of the customers. Everything is straight and harmonious in the mouth. It is a cuisine that favors true flavors of products, without requiring spectacle or aesthetics on Instagram. Happy. The dining area is in the kitchen, a truly stunning concept.

519 3th Avenue

Quebec • 581-742-4202

7. Te The Grocer

★★★★ | $$$$

Almost twenty years later, chef Laurent Godbout has transformed his restaurant into a contemporary place and it is very beautiful. The premises are very well divided between the new restaurant and the dining room. And as always, the kitchen is top notch. Its young and young boss ensures a very good continuity, the staff is charming. A place for one by one, but also for groups.

311 St. Paul Street East

Montreal • 514-878-2232

8. Chasse-Galerie

★★★★ | $$$$$

A very creative kitchen where each ingredient tells a story. Chasse-Galerie is a culinary adventure and if you have a brave spirit, you will spend a very pleasant evening. The wine list is spectacular. If you want to drink unique bottles, this is a very nice address.

4110 St. Denis

Montreal • 514-419-9601

9. Magnolia

★★★★ | $$

Is it possible to eat well at a low price? Yes and Magnolia is proof of that. Another great favorite for this newcomer to the Angus Shop. The boss in charge is none other than José-Pierre Durant, from the famous Poivre Noir restaurant in Trois-Rivières. There is a team that wants to do things well and honestly, it works. It’s very good. Natural cuisine, mostly vegetables, savory service and welcome. Real catering professionals, a very nice bunch.

2600, rue William-Tremblay, room 120

Montreal • 514-543-5300

10. Salmigondi

★★★★ | $$$$

Restaurant near the Jean-Talon market where the chef receives his supplies daily. Gilles Tollen is a talented chef who intelligently combines modernity and classicism. Unforgettable souvenir: a pork from the Gaspor farm cooked in the closest second to its crunchy skin, a delight. Pleasant place and atmosphere, almost cozy, conducive to taste.

Route 6896 Saint-Dominique

Montreal • 514-564-3842

11. Ryu

★★★★ | $$$

The Ryu group is still growing with a nice new address. Stylish décor for this high quality sushi restaurant. A young and passionate team. Lunch hours are also very busy as the lunch menu is more affordable. Delicious cocktails.

Sainte-Catherine Road 4185

Westmount • 514-320-0191

12. Origin of La Tanière

★★★ | $$$

An organic bistro in an ancestral home furnished with modern touches. Really beautiful. Plant-based kitchens, but not only that. Vegetarians and vegans are welcome and, honestly, it is good to see that this organic cuisine finally has its culinary credentials.

36 ½, rue Saint-Pierre

Quebec • 418-872-4386

13. McKiernan Dreka

★★★ | $$

A fiery team, simple and delicious lunches, Joe Beef’s philosophical and culinary expansion. Very large room for private events and, in the evening, exceptional catering service. A place that is turning the small world of restaurants upside down in Montreal. Allow yourself to be tempted by decadent sweets, including donuts.

Street 5524 Saint-Patrick, room 200

Montreal • 514-759-6677

14. Cafe Bazin

★★★ | $$

One of the tallest confectioneries in Montreal in a very small and beautiful location next to the Park and Lavanderia restaurants of the same owner. The choice of salty and sweet is limited, but everything is very good. The cafe is also one of the best in town.

380 Victoria Avenue

Westmount • 438-387-3070

15. Un Po ‘di Più

★★★ | $$$

A little of all, this is what you will find here. Italy as we want it, so the product, the product and again the product. This restaurant offers appetizers and cocktails. Adorable ambience, a small getaway to Old Montreal.

3, rue de la Eastern Commune

Montreal • 514-861-8686

16. Bar St-Denis

★★★ | $$

The two owners, former owners of the famous Pied de Cochon, are doing an extraordinary job. The new bar-restaurant is very nice, the atmosphere is wonderful. Small dishes to share, nothing complicated, but everything is very good and at a very modest price. In the middle of the meal, I already wanted to go back, give you an idea, in short, a new favorite.

6966 St. Denis

Montreal • 514-276-9717

17. Cafe + Bar Cigan

★★★ | $$

Chef Robin Filteau-Boucher offers small exotic dishes to share, “comfortable food traveler”. Sandwiches, salads and bowls, delicate curries, lively breakfasts, original smoothies and delicious cocktails. It is a fun place for groups and birthdays.

500 Rachel Street East

Montreal • 514-524-4446

18. Macro

★★★ | $$$

Macro is Grinder’s little brother. Fish and seafood are present there. I like to eat there at the bar, with a glass of fine wine and some seafood, like delicious spicy rice cake. Festive atmosphere, night owls end at the King Crab Club, located in the basement.

1726 Notre-Dame West Road

Montreal • 514-379-6002

19. Little Italian

★★★ | $$

Little Italian is aptly named. Non-modest Italian cuisine, low prices. Pasta, risotto, carpaccio and famous meatballs. Friendly and relaxing atmosphere, just like at home.

1265 Bernard Avenue

Outremont • 514-278-0888

20. Mrs. Wong

★★★ | $$

Phenomenal and bold decor, you have to see it to believe it. Melted Asian cuisine. Selecting different bites to taste on a moving and rotating tray is an attraction. Low price, warm service. Go as a group.

1780, Pierre-Péladeau road


21. Fiorellino

★★★ | $$

The second address for the Fiorellino group, located in the former Laurier BBQ institution. The pizza is cooked in 90 seconds, the dough is fresh at the edges and smooth in the center, excellent. This beautiful pizzeria can accommodate small and very large groups on two floors.

381 Laurier Avenue West

Montreal • 514-276-9593

22. Peasant

★★★ | $

The talented Aliénor Clos directs the sweet and savory fortunes of this charming neighborhood pastry chef. His little pastry spots and his famous pies are incredibly authentic, delicious and rustic. Pleasant choices of delicious quiches as well.

4615 Notre Dame Street West

Montreal • 514-439-5970

23. Cousins ​​Bar

★★★ | $$

A cocktail bar at a hotel is common, but at Cousins’s bar, the quality is impressive. Most Quebec products are exemplary and worthy of mention. Welcome and professional service.


9156 Bulevardi Leduc

Brossard • 450-500-9156

24. Smart Bar Machine

★★★ | $

Chef S’Arto Chartier-Otis is launching a new challenge, that of delivering healthy cuisine, conducive to performance and healthy eating. The quality of the raw materials and the seriousness of the chef in his approach make it a new kind of counter that feels good.

Gaspé Street 5455, room 105

Montreal • 514-578-7263

25. Brotelli Pasta Bar

★★ | $

Set in a commercial space, this small Italian counter with fresh pasta is unassuming, made by the children of the former owners of Casa Di Napoli. For a quick lunch or to take with you.

Kulla CIBC

1155 René-Lévesque Boulevard West


Price range

$ Under $ 20 for a small lunch.

$$ Dishes usually cost $ 15-20.

Main dishes from the a la carte menu under $ 30.

An average bill between $ 80 and $ 120 per person.

Taste menu between $ 150 and $ 200 or more per person.


A small, not modest meal.

. Simple and delicious dishes.

Have fun and want to come back.

It’s impressive, we tell our friends about it.

★★★★★ Simply paradise.

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