The 42nd Montreal Book Fair: Francine Ruel saw her traveling son again

MONTREAL | Francine Ruel has reconnected with her strolling son. Even he is reading the novel Anna and the old child, which his mother wrote about him, inspired by his reality. But he has not yet commented on this.

“I’m waiting. I’m been working with myself for two years, to get only what he can give me. I have no expectations. I, my expectations would be that he got out of there a long time ago. But he must want it… “, said Francine Ruel in an interview on Friday.

“Call your mother!”

During his visit to Everyone talks about itin late September, Francine Ruel had said she had not heard from her son for six months.

Etienne lives on the street, she has no way to contact him directly. She knows in which neighborhood he wanders, knows his main points of reference; when she has something to say, she leaves a message at the pharmacy he attends.

She wanted him to know she had written Anna and the old child for him, thinking of the wonderful person he is, the caring and loving little boy he once was.

But by this fall, the 44-year-old was silently walled up. It was the second time Francine Ruel had gone through such a long period without talking to him.

“I left him a note because I kept saying he should have known, that I had written this book. It was important. I thought he would eventually call. He did not do it immediately … “

However, in the wake of the release ofAnna and the old child, the actress and author has given many interviews. The most advertised among them caused a lot of words and word of mouth spread in ientienne.

“Pas Everyone talks about itThere are even policemen who went to see her, saying: “Call your mother!”. He himself found it ridiculous and decided to call me. “

Pandora’s box

On Friday, Francine Ruel offered a first signing session at the Montreal Book Fair in Place Bonaventure.

In the morning, she had gone to see her son to give him his winter boots. He showed up an hour late for the meeting. Unable to contact him by phone, his mother could only wait for him and ask for him, and on arrival informed him that he could no longer stay because the task called him at the Salon du book.

“Winter is here. It is difficult “, she says, convinced that the holiday season is approaching” the worst time “for her in this context.

Francine Ruel does not hide that the exchange with the surrounding readers is “special”Anna and the old child. At the four book fairs she visited this fall, people trusted her. In return, she listened to them and took them in her arms to comfort them.

The 42nd Montreal Book Fair: Francine Ruel saw her traveling son again

“Unbeknownst to me, I opened Pandora’s box,” she illustrates. I find myself with people telling me, “Me too, me too, me too … My daughter, my son, my brother, my mother …” I was not the only one in the world who experienced it. but I never thought there were so many people who were affected by this topic.

The lady will insist several times during the interview on the fact thatAnna and the old child is based on an imaginary story based on his life, and is not a biography. That said, Francine Ruel intends to continue to show her concern for helping others. In particular, she plans to hold conferences next spring.

“I put my foot on the topic, I guess. “I did not do this to say that I do not want to talk about it,” she said.

Salon gossip

Tristan Demers: a family on three continents

The 42nd Montreal Book Fair: Francine Ruel saw her traveling son again

When he is not scribbling, writing books and performing, Tristan Demers travels with his wife, Marie-Claude, director of a CPE, and their three children. Anyone who offers a collection of “Creative and Contributing” ideas at the Book Fair these days will spend their vacation in Hawaii with their family. However, in the spring break, everyone will fly to another destination. “I will be at Disney with my youngest daughter, because my eldest will be in Cambodia and my girlfriend will be with the oldest in Paris. We will be on three different continents at the same time! ” Tristan Demers is also the father of Samuel, a 27-year-old graphic designer and owner of a cat, a dog and a guinea pig.

Even hotter orgasms

The 42nd Montreal Book Fair: Francine Ruel saw her traveling son again

Last spring, Anne-Marie Dupras published “Orgasmes à la carte,” a book of “interactive erotic adventures for adventurous readers.” And pleasure has not yet said the last word under his pen, as the author is already working on the second volume, “Orgasm à la carte, Muy Caliente!”, Which promises to be even hotter, she says. The protagonist goes to a “olé olé” resort in the south. It will be very, very hot! And I, as I devoted myself to my art, went to a “resort” of this kind to do research. And I’m coming back because I did not understand … (laughs) “On a more serious note, Anne-Marie Dupras, also a comedian, could make a TV show inspired by” My Dirty Love Life “, the same title with his website and his books which are very successful.

A parody of the horror movie

The 42nd Montreal Book Fair: Francine Ruel saw her traveling son again

Stéphane Dompierre will soon arrive with a hot new novel, a parody of a horror film “inspired by masked killers,” he specifies. “I take this mythology a bit to have fun with it. I play with horror movie codes. I try to fit them with humor. I do not make fun of the genre because it’s a genre I like in my spare time. I will review the books that already exist. ”The writer has not yet set a title for his ironic book.

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