The Canadian Olympic Committee and Minister St Ong will follow closely at Boxing Canada

MONTREAL – The toxic climate created by Canadian boxing’s high-performance manager and national coach Daniel Tribanier, denounced by 121 members and former members of the national team in an open letter published on Wednesday, is worrying the committee’s senior management. Olympic Games Canada (COC) and Federal Sports Minister Pascal Saint Ong

“It’s very concerning and so are we,” said Eric Miles, COC’s head of sports, who met at the Olympic House in Montreal on Friday. We are following this closely. The important thing is to see how everyone will work together. I’m looking at Minister Saint Ong, who is taking concrete action. We are partnering with the Ministry, the federations and the athletes who have a crucial role in this.

The problem is that the hands of the COC are somewhat tied up in this file: the national sports federations are members of the COC, but the federal body has no authority over it.

“It is very important that there are some powers above the associations,” said Tricia Smith, chair of the Competition Commission. I see that our new sports minister is paying close attention to this file, because Canadian sport has power over the federations. We will work with the Minister, the athletes, and the ANP on these issues. But especially the athletes, because they are really the victims in these cases. This is very important to us.”

As for Minister Saint Ong, interviewed in Magog, where she went with Quebec Prime Minister, François Legault, to announce the financing of a new arena, it appears she had no more power, even if it was largely National Confederations. Supported by the federal government.

“On the part of my judiciary, we have agreements with national federations, but they remain independent and independent,” she emphasized. At the same time, as I have said since the beginning of my tenure, I will use all of my leadership, but also all the tools at my disposal, to help these cases progress and work to change the sports culture.

“There are old ‘training’ ways or ways of doing things that are no longer acceptable today. We must work with all organizations, at all levels, to change this culture of sport. We are working on a roadmap with Sport Canada to assess everything that is at our disposal to work, but also To make organizations more accountable, improve governance, and improve the entire financial support system.Conversations with the COC, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, federations and athletes are at the heart of everything I do.(…) We want to act at all levels, so that these situations don’t happen again. Another and the sport is once again back to what it should be: an element of well-being for physical and mental health, even when we reach national or international levels of supremacy.

It also looks like Boxing Canada’s management will come under closer scrutiny in the coming weeks.

“In what happens in boxing, for example, there are things that happen around certain individuals, but there is a whole issue of governance as well, Miles Down. Those situations are discussed between us and the federations, but also with the Government of Canada. This is where we have to work. In it together, this is not a regional issue. Regardless of this crisis, we have been working with unions on governance issues for years. Currently, there are props that need to be made in certain places.

“We can consider all possible options,” Smith added. We’ll look into all of these situations in depth to find out every aspect, but yes: if one of our members doesn’t meet our criteria, we can rule them out.

Unwanted person

It looks like Boxing Canada could get “outside help” to carry out this famous blow: the Canadian press learned on Friday that the International Boxing Association (IBA) has asked Canada not to send Tripanier to the Women’s World Boxing Championship, which will be held in Turkey, from 6 to 21 mayo.

In a letter sent to Boxing Canada and obtained by The Canadian Press, the IBA indicated that it had withdrawn Trépanier’s accreditation and that the commissioner and the federation’s ethics committee would analyze the allegations against him.

Tribanier and Boxing Canada did not respond to interview requests from the Canadian press.

On Wednesday, a group of 121 signers sent an open letter to Boxing Canada and the Minister of St-Onge, ANP, Sport Canada and AthletesCan denouncing the toxic climate and calling for Trepanier’s resignation. This group will now be 233 individuals.

Minister St-Onge concluded: “The good thing about all that is happening is that it is athletes who are denouncing and that condemning cases of abuse is less and less today a taboo.” Speaking out ensures that everyone can become aware of the problem, transform it, and make those who have committed unforgivable or abusive acts accountable, and they can no longer repeat these unacceptable behaviors during their careers.

– Canadian Press correspondents Laurie Ewing in Toronto and Pierre Saint-Arnaud in Montreal contributed to this article.

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