The captain of the France team aims for a historic crown on Amazon

At the age of thirty-five, David Chevalier was about to live an emotionally rich experience in the coming weeks. This futsal player from the US Reserve Créteil has been selected to be the captain of the French team for the National Quarters Cup. A very popular contest, the final of which will be broadcast live by Amazon on July 2. “We came to win,” he told RMC Sport.

He immediately agreed to the assignment. without thinking. “Of course, we love challenges,” David Chevalier slips with a smile. At the age of thirty-five, this footballer was chosen to be the captain of the French national team for the National Quartermaster’s Cup. An unofficial competition whose first edition will be held in the coming weeks in Creteil, the city where he lives. southeast of Paris.

Created in 2019, it was previously called the “African Cup of Neighborhoods” and collected a selection of players born or from African countries. But the popular enthusiasm on the networks and on the edge of the lawns prompted regulators to expand the horizon. The cast is now global. A way to collect as many people as possible, inside and outside the green rectangle.

crowd of candidates

Sixteen teams, including several Europeans, will compete in the half field (seven players and one goalkeeper) from May 29. Winner of the latest CAN Neighborhood, Morocco will attempt to lift a new trophy in the Val-de-Marne. The Atlas Lions will be particularly supported by rapper Lavoine. Each team will also have a sponsor from the world of sports, music or urban culture.

When they announced the creation of a French team, the organizers were overwhelmed with presidential candidates. But after some thought, they decided to entrust the blue, white and red armband to David Chevalier. Moussa Sow, one of the co-founders of the tournament says: “We know him well, he is a man from here. He is serious and mature, he is someone you trust, and the exchanges with him are smooth. It is a big responsibility because the France team has fulfilled the dream. It is clear that we are thinking of Lloris!”

“Only the good guys”

35 years old (as the world champions goalkeeper), David is about to live a moment rich in emotions. To put the odds on his side, he created a young and talented team, while respecting certain selection criteria. With a clear ambition: to bring the trophy. “We came to win, he assures us. We have very technical players, especially the midfielder, Mbarry Deh, who for ten years played at the highest level in futsal in France. There are only talented guys. This should be fun!”

The son of a judo teacher, “Dov” (his nickname) put on his first shoe at the age of six. Passed by Sucy FC and US Lusitanos, two clubs in the region, he has built a reputation as an amateur player. After coaching the reserve for FC Creteil in futsal, he joined the Regional Team 3 two years ago, in the role of defender (fixed).

David Knight
David Chevalier © DR

“Endurance and Reason”

The winner of the tournament, next season will evolve to the next level (Regional 2). By focusing on his attributes. “I, it’s stamina and mind, sums up someone who has had to deal with a heel injury in recent months. I haven’t given up anything on the field and without being a great goalscorer, I am not a clumsy finishing touch.”

Moses affirms: “David is not necessarily the most technical, but he does everything he can. With his fighting spirit and leadership, he brings a lot to the team. His French team is one of the outsiders to achieve the ultimate victory, they have to play cards.” This will now have to be proven on artificial turf 94. The original Champigny-sur-Marne worked as an athletic trainer and physical trainer, before recently embarking on entrepreneurship.

David Knight
David Chevalier © DR

The conclusion aired by Amazon

This National District Cup can allow him to live an unforgettable moment. Especially since the final, scheduled for July 2 at the Duvauchelle Stadium, will be broadcast live by Prime Video. “It adds flavour, that’s for sure,” emphasizes David Chevalier. “It brings more prestige to the competition and motivates everyone. There’s a little extra pressure, but it will give visibility to the competition. Honestly, he’s the best!”

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