The Chronicle of Olivier Brett – The School of Life

It is often said that sport is a school of life.

No wonder this sentence has become a cliché. The world of amateur and professional football in Quebec has given us compelling examples of this over the past week.

A question

Almost everyone has seen the video.

A grandfather from the U14 team took to the field to assault a young assistant referee. First of all, it is clear that it is necessary to denounce. The person responsible for the accident has since published a letter of apology.

Case closed? no. He would be content to treat the symptoms without addressing the cause of the problem beyond this incident and football.

Besides my work in the media, I am happy to lecture with parents of athletes to help them maximize the sporting experience of their children. The questions we ask ourselves before intervening as an adult are especially dear to me.

Without knowing the individual, his letter of apology indicates that he is a mature person who knows how to express himself well and recognizes the repercussions of his actions … cold.

Hot, the video shows that these qualities can break down, see disappear. On the field (as in the bleachers or in the office), when feelings are high, intelligence goes down.

How do you avoid this devastating lift? By asking better questions before intervening.

At its simplest, most important: What will be left after 15 years?

In other words, how will the actions I am about to take help my child to be more independent, happy, in control of his emotions, hardworking, open to learning, etc.? When I’m no longer by his side?

From experience, this question fundamentally changes when and how we choose to intervene.

Feel comfortable sharing it with those who might benefit from it.

Do more and talk less

Last November, I welcomed the absence of a word Transparency During the season review of the eleventh Montreal.

You don’t need to talk about your transparency when you are. Others will take care of it for you.

The same goes for reconciliations Which the club wants to create with its supporters. In that sense, its leaders hit the nail in the head last Saturday.

In My Eyes, Gabriel Gervais Passage (2And in many games) and Joey Saputo in tail gate The fans are the most important moment of the year for Montreal.

to me away from footballSydney Fowo (correctly) noted that Saputo has shared many moments of closeness with audiences in the past. There was a time when he answered questions from season subscribers live during the year-end and start-up events.

Another step was taken last weekend. Big step. For the first time, it was not the owner who received the supporters in his house, but rather he preferred to meet them “in their house”.


Compared to the average (supportive) citizen, Joey Saputo can buy anything he wants. Despite businesses, football clubs on both sides of the Atlantic, cars and millions, his most valuable resource is his time.

That’s why his presence to eat nachos with fans was invaluable. Because this kind of gesture cannot be bought.

After the match, I was able to chat with the fans who had the opportunity to chat with Saputo and Gervais. They felt seeing, hearing, and important… the fact that Joey Saboto had a beer in his hand affected a lot. It is as if the owner has passed from something to someone.

All this without the club paying a single dollar.

One can work and spend a fortune on slogans, slogans and marketing campaigns to death. Ultimately, it is tangible actions that will make a lasting difference.

If Saturday’s preliminary match is a harbinger of the future, it will take the new president less than two months to give a human dimension to an organization that is more distant than ever with its market.

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