The committee headed by Marc Denis: Here are 9 ideas for the development of hockey in Quebec

In order to adequately improve the development of hockey players in Quebec, the problem must be addressed at its roots by ensuring that young people aged 17-18 are offered better options.

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This is one of the recommendations of the Quebec Hockey Development Committee, which presented its long-awaited report Thursday, after several months of consulting with a diverse group of experts from several branches in Peel County.

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The chair of this committee, former National League goalkeeper Mark Dennis, presented the findings of the report at a press conference. These events are so much about improving talent development that 17-year-olds often find themselves in a gray area. Few young people of this age make it to the New Hockey League of Quebec (LHJMQ).

“The 17-year-olds, from 2004, who are in QMJHL, they are doing very well with the best. They don’t play in the fourth line or in the stands. These are the players for whom development is suitable. […] These players, runners, are very well presented. Denis explained in a press conference, that those who are not well served, for example, are the last to be cut off from the main junior teams.

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Thus we propose new solutions for young people under 18, but also for children aged 15-16, who deserve to develop in separate leagues rather than work together at the level of dwarf hope. On the other hand, we want to move away from the US Under-18 development program, which is only effective for about forty top players.

In this sense, regional technical advisors will play a key role throughout Quebec to facilitate learning. The commission believes that it will allow players to reach their full potential within the structures of Quebec.

Undergraduate program development

Of the 35 undergraduate programs in men’s hockey, only three are from Quebec and only one is French. The Patriots from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, champions of Canada, represent the province nicely, but they are alone at the top.

Having access to hockey from a young age, particularly by including learning to skate in elementary school, would also make it possible to reach a greater number of clients. Mark Dennis is of the opinion that sports are taken seriously too early and that the joy of playing leads to better youth retention.

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The Quebec Committee for the Development of Hockey in Quebec has presented its ideas for women’s hockey, as it hopes to achieve equal opportunity. Hockey Barra will also benefit from a partial system overhaul.

“What’s important is that it’s the first day of a long-term investment in our sport, and that it’s viable on the field. That’s how we thought about it. There’s enough room in every recommendation,” said Dennis. […] And when it comes back to life, it will take the form decided by the partners. ”

“I repeat: we need partners, we need Quebec hockey to make changes and take the lead. We need QMJHL, we need Montreal Canadiens to be part of the solution.”

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This report was submitted to the government on April 22, with a follow-up request. Dennis hopes that the “shelf” will not be too fast and that the former members of the committee will continue to work hard to adopt their ideas.

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