The first youtubers festival in Montreal

Turn off your computer and go to the Quartier des spectacles: a first youtubers festival, called OhMyFest !, will be held in Montreal on July 16th and 17th. Quebec’s most popular video bloggers will meet their fans at Monument-National, on the outskirts of Zoofest.

Posted on June 15, 2016

Hugo Pilon Larose

A recent phenomenon is the same – YouTube has only existed for 11 years – a growing number of people are becoming known to the general public by posting on their channel video content ranging from humor to lifestyle, including capsules of beauty and opinion.

According to the television production company Attraction Images (Parents, A hard time, Helping Beatrice), which recently set up the Slingshot studio, dedicated to representing and marketing youtubers, it was urgent to organize a festival to bring together the stars of this showbiz web, some of whom have a greater popularity capital than sailing artists. . traditional media.

With Patrick Rozon, general manager of Zoofest, Micho Marquis-Rose (senior director at Attraction Images) and Gabrielle Madé (director of Slingshot studio) created OhMyFest !. Their target audience: men and women aged 13 to 30 years.

“We saw a lot of what was happening internationally and it was natural for us to organize the first festival of its kind,” explains Micho Marquis-Rose.

“In the past, youtubers have organized two meet ups [rencontres entre les vlogueurs et leurs admirateurs] in Maisonneve Park and in the Plains of Abraham. The success was convincing. “

“The creators of YouTube do not play a role. In their channel, they are them. Therefore, it is a natural step for them to go and meet their fans “, continues Gabrielle Madé.

Two days of programming

For this first edition, where 1200 festival participants are expected, every day will start with one MEET on the Place des Arts esplanade, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., before continuing on to one of the four rooms of the Monument-National.

Inside, conferences will be held on the main stage of the Ludger-Duvernay room, with four themes: beauty, lifestyle, opinion and humor. Cam Grande Brune (32,000 subscribers), Elie Duqet (20,000 subscribers), Thomas Gauthier (277,000 subscribers) and Gaspard G (156,000 subscribers) will reunite for the occasion.

Other activities will take place simultaneously elsewhere at Monument-National, including major interviews conducted by youtuber Fred Bastien and video game sessions with well-known Web players.

A full time job

For PL Cloutier (humor), Emma Bossé (opinion) and Cynthia Dulude (makeup), attending the first youtubeurs festival in Quebec was quite natural. When we caught up with them yesterday, Cynthia was returning from a similar event held in France. Because yes, with home-registered beauty capsules, it is already well known in France.

Are they stressed to meet their admirers?

“It simply came to our notice then. I meet them often. “The best compliment I get is when people tell me I’m the same person in my videos as in real life,” Cynthia replies.

“I am always afraid of disappointing them. “They have an image of me and I want to be at his height,” said PL Cloutier.

When making their videos, three youtubers know who they are talking to. With YouTube, content creators can discover the age and gender of their subscribers. This makes it easier for them to orient the content according to the audience, but also the choice of the brands to which they relate. Indeed, it is partly thanks to the sponsored content that they earn a living.

“There are more girls from 18 to 25 years old who follow me, but the day before a 4-year-old girl recognized me and came to talk to me. So, you have to believe that it is changeable “, Emma explains.

“I am 80% a girl and more than half are 18 to 24 years old. But when I meet them at meet ups, is 100% of girls aged 16 and under. I think that it is the young people who move “, continues PL.

So next July we will see who will really travel to Montreal to meet in flesh these celebrities of the virtual world.

Three vloggers

Ema Bosse

Age: 25 years old.

Originally from Repentigny.

Number of subscribers to his YouTube channel: 196,000.

Education: studies in cinema and photography.

Her favorite use on youtube: Grav3yardgirl (7 million subscribers). “I have been following her since her debut, when she had only 25,000 subscribers. It tests many products. ”

Her favorite social network: Instagram (username: emma04044).

PL Cloutier

Age: He says he is 25 years old.

Originally from Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac.

Number of subscribers to his YouTube channel: 183,000.

Education: bachelor’s degree in television from UQAM (graduated in 2009, helps to assess his age).

His favorite YouTuber: Tyler Oakler (8.1 million subscribers). “He looks good to me, he looks beautiful to me, I admire him.”

His favorite social network: Snapchat (username: lePLCloutier).

Cynthia Dulude

Age: 24 years old.

Originally from Montreal.

Number of subscribers to its YouTube channel: 440,000 (French language channel with the largest number of subscribers in Canada).

Education: Graduated from mid-December college in cosmetics.

Her favorite YouTuber: Tanya Burr (3.5 million subscribers). “I like her personality, I think we can be friends for life.”

Her favorite social network: Instagram (username: cynthiadulude).


From left to right: Cynthia Dulude, PL Cloutier and Emma Bossé.

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