The Heart of Herault: Gennac Sports District will be named after rugby player Christoph Orius

A ceremony was held on the evening of Tuesday, May 3rd, in the presence of the athlete who came to unveil the painting.

Elected officials, young athletes and representatives of Ginakwes clubs attended in droves on Tuesday 3 May to christen the sports space around Mas Salat, alongside another cultural space this time, Sonambol.

The evening brought together two of France’s greatest current sporting directors, the Bordeaux/Bigles rugby union Christophe Urrios who will take on the name Montpellier and Patrice Cannaier who came in as regional advisor along with mayor and administrator. Gignac’s advisor who didn’t wear his happiness.

First line Soto, Orios, Kaner.
Medilibre – Alan Mendes

A manager and a man of high quality

“There is a lot of symbolism in our selection, facilitated by the fact that Christophe was born in Gignac and that we are fully committed to the human and management values ​​he conveys. Jean-Francois Soto explained with a smile, inviting everyone to take advantage of these moments of exchange and participation in a complex national and international context.

“Gignac is a sports city, with many clubs that welcome and honor young people. More than 50% of our budget is allocated to sports, education and youth. We are making efforts because we believe in the future and in a collective strength that will allow us to do great things together.” Before attending with his hosts, the mayor finished a karate club show in one of the rooms of the new Orios space.

The new gym is coming!

Gignac could also open, in 2022, the Gilles-Fermaud Sports Hall, which sticks out of the grounds at the entrance to the city, near the high school. Since the first stone was laid on December 15, the site is in full swing and should be handed over in September or October.

The facility is designed to host national competitions, with 2,500 square meters and 450 bleached seats, and will feature team sports clubs, volleyball, handball and basketball. This is in addition to the synthetic football field that the changing rooms will start on next winter.

The sports space includes the martial arts halls located adjacent to the Sonambule cultural space, and includes the Riveral Gymnasium and the Future Industrial Stadium around Mas Salat.

Homecoming for a man of values

The current director of UBB has strong ties to the city in which his mother lives, and in which he spent part of his childhood and youth.

Michel, Annie, Christophe and Martin for a family photo.

Michel, Annie, Christophe and Martin for a family photo.
Medilibre – Alan Mendes

“It makes me especially happy for him! I will send the picture to his children,” said Annie, who came to accompany her son whom she followed and supported for a long time on the edge of the field when he was a player. Accompanied by Uncle Michel, the city leagues assistant and Martine, one of the rugby’s aunts who also lives in Gignac, appeared under the majestic plaque of the sports district, on Tuesday, May 3. After carefully listening to his elder’s speech.

“Sports are a great way to get involved.”

“I’m touched. But when you put someone’s name on it, it’s usually when the men die. I asked and fortunately there are people alive. So I was told, I’ll accept,” joked the current manager of Union Bordeaux/Beagle, France champion with Custer in 2018 … against Montpellier, a few months after he came to sponsor an evening for the champions of Gignac at the invitation and advice of the mayor.

“I am a kid from Gignac as I have had a part of my family since my grandparents. I spent the first four years of my life there, before returning regularly during the holidays when I was young.”

And evoke many memories, from tambourine matches to the Donkey Festival at Ascension or summer trips to Devil’s Bridge. “She was accepted because we need to take care of our youth. She has changed, yes, but she is wonderful and the youth is much more resourceful than me at their age,” explains the man who is now successfully leading a career as a sports director.

“I agree 100% with the mayor’s message. Sport is a great way to integrate into life, even more so today. Therefore, you need good facilities but above all teachers and clubs”, adds Christoph Orius. “And strong values, I built myself with those my parents gave me. If my spirit, my values, my way of being, more than my name, could motivate youth, that would be very good.”

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