The Mondial de Lyon flagship sporting event in Anjou aims to be more educational

With around 40,000 spectators over four days – including nearly 30,000 on Saturdays – the Mondial du Lion is Haut-Anjou’s event of the year and one of Maine’s main events. -et-Loire. This year, it will be held from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 October (1).

But to this popular aspect, the organizers, who can count on 300 volunteers, want to add an increasingly important educational dimension. Even people who wander into the Parc de l’Isle-Briand during fall weekends will appreciate the show even more. “We try to make sure that the public can discover and understand the sport as well.” And He thus supports Jean-François Arthes, head of the Equestrian Lion.

To do this, new features for 2021, which have had some success, will be renewed and amplified. Like a treasure hunt on the Sabbath Cross, with about twenty questions set up to better understand the system, location, environment, etc.

Bringing the public closer to these great athletes

Or a fan zone where the audience can chat with a few riders after the cross. “We noticed that they were happy with it.”Jean Francois Arthes slips. “Our idea is to bring the public closer to these great athletes and their entourage, coaches or others, Sophie Celier, event artistic director, continues. We want to explain our sport in a simple way to people who don’t know it. Riders also understand the importance of openness. »

A cross-country visit explained by one of the riders was a huge success in 2021. It will be repeated this year and starting on Friday. | Archives in western France

Another rolling action: the premium package. This formula makes it possible to attend the cross but also to conduct the survey in the company of a high-ranking rider and volunteer from the Equestrian Lion. Last year, this option was limited to 200 entries, and they all found participants. It will be renovated on Saturday, but 50 places are also set to be recognized from Friday.

Exhibitor Village Grows

On the casual village side, if the 2021 formula is reduced a bit, “worked very well” And Sophie Celer remembers. “All exhibitors have achieved at least a 30% increase in their sales compared to normal” And Jean-Francois Arthes says: So the organizers decided to move from a hundred platforms “at 120 or 130”, Half is already booked.

Another modification: Create a second supply point at the other end of the village to reduce queues. Along the way, there will also be more refreshments.

In terms of entertainment, the village of Les P’tits Lions, established in 2021, will be renovated. Parents are allowed to entrust their children with activity leaders for part of their day. The dowry show will be held on Saturday at the honor quarry.

As for the music scene that will take place in the evening, once the sports part is over, two evenings will now open: Friday with Trélazé bagad, and Saturday with Anjou Bleu Music School.

Alexis Gouri, like Nicolas Tozan, has already passed the 2022 World Cup qualifying hurdle. It remains to be seen if he will be selected. | Archives in western France

At the sporting level, it will be necessary to wait a few more months to get acquainted with the chosen pairs. Among the contenders were locals Nicolas Tozan, of Bacon-les-Granites, and Alexis Jure, of Moran, having won the qualification.

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The Mondial de Lyon flagship sporting event in Anjou aims to be more educational

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