“The most important thing was the dog”

Issued and delivered:

Do you remember that feeling of emptiness when he or she finally utters? However, the rupture, if it seems insurmountable, always teaches us. It was dropped and delivered He narrates those moments in life when it was about rediscovering oneself to live a more beautiful life.

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Françoise was 52 years old when her husband of more than 25 years decided to leave her: “This separation, I did not expect it to happen. I think I told myself that he would never dare. I always sacrificed everything for him. I worked for his company for free, I took care of the house and then Kids. I chose to have a part-time job just to be able to do all this. Naively, I thought he’d never get through without me. I don’t expect him to find another woman who does that.”

Her ex-husband leaves her no choice: “I had to leave the house, he wouldn’t let me take what I wanted, and above all I had to leave the dog to him. The most important thing was the dog. He did. I didn’t care that I was attached to her too. We could have Organizing joint custody like children. But that was out of the question for him. I went to battle with my attorney to just admit my rights. Because I thought he had crossed the mark with the dog. And I did well.”

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After more than a year of reconciliation with her lawyer, Françoise obtained recognition for the work she had previously given to her ex-husband: “I got compensatory allowance. I didn’t think justice would be passed on me. I got used to being the culprit or the person who was not doing well. The judgment changed everything for me because I realized that I had a place and that I deserved these things. The children decided to stay with me and I kept the dog. The husband did not want to bother after all, when he realized that there was no one beside him. He started his life over with another woman “.

Françoise is much happier now: “It took a while but I went through it. In fact, this relationship did not work out for a long time and I could have made the decision to end everything on my own. But I did not trust myself at all and was afraid to lose everything, starting Of my kids. Now they’ve all left the house, but I’m still on good terms with them. The dog is still around. I didn’t. I don’t want to get back together because I need to spend time with myself, to myself.”

Françoise begins treatment

After the breakup, I also started therapy: “I broke up a little over two years ago and it helped a lot to be accompanied by a psychiatrist. I didn’t know where I was after spending more than a quarter of my life worrying about someone else’s happiness, never thinking about my own happiness. Or movies. Which I prefer. I incorporated my ex’s tastes and this was my daily reference. Therapy helped me see things more clearly and also to think about the reasons why I was so immersed in the relationship. It’s also thanks to therapy that I know I want to be alone now. I deserved some time for me.”

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Françoise is happy today: “I have a feeling that a lot of time is wasted but I can’t completely blame myself for being in a relationship with this man for so long because she gave me two sons. I adore them and who they are are not like their father at all. I did everything to make sure they were soulmates. Respectful and we talk a lot together, which allows me to check daily that they are on the right track. I’ve learned to do things for myself. I go to the movies, sometimes I go to the restaurant on my own. After the breakup, I asked and got my full time job. I did it to be Financially secure but it brought me so much fulfillment. I was sad because of all this, I cried for hours. But it was worth it. I don’t want to be anywhere else now. I have a good life.”

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