The new life of George W. Bush

For some, it’s the slip of the century, even if it’s not funny. The language of George W. Bush, the former US president, was diffuse on Wednesday, May 18, when he wanted to attack Vladimir Putin and invade Ukraine. “The unilateral decision to launch an unprovoked and brutal invasion of Iraq – I mean Ukraine…”He tried to correct while giving a speech for his institution in Texas. “I am 75 years old”quickly justified the ex-president in front of a cheerful audience.

The war in Iraq, which he launched in 2003, was justified by false information, which led the American public to believe that Saddam Hussein’s regime possessed weapons of mass destruction. Between 2003 and 2011, the conflict caused more than 100,000 civilian deaths and geopolitical turmoil the population of the Middle East has continued to pay its consequences, particularly with the emergence of the Islamic State.

” blind “

Since the end of his presidency in 2008, George W. Bush has insisted on defending the legitimacy of the invasion of Iraq. In his memoirs, published in 2010, Bush insisted “Removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision (…) Despite all the hardships that followed, America is safer without a murderous dictator chasing weapons of mass destruction and supporting terrorism in the heart of the Middle East.”. He just admits there is “He sent American soldiers into battle on the basis of information that turned out to be false”but then repeats ” blind “ Through the information transmitted by its management.

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Described by the American press as a stubborn optimist, lacking in curiosity and common sense, George W. Bush is a bewildering figure. His memoir ends with the story of dog poo. Shortly after leaving the White House, Bush moved to Texas and walked his dog Barney one morning. “Barney discovered the neighbor’s garden, where he hurried to do his business. He was there, the former president of the United States, with a plastic bag in my hand, picking up what I had been dodging for eight years,” Writes by conclusion. complete programme.

Selfie in the bathroom

After retiring from political life, George W. Bush set out to build a massive $250 million complex that would house his archives, his foundation, and where he would give speeches, like Wednesdays. He also displayed his paintings there. The former governor of Texas has shown a passion for painting and has signed his works with his artist’s name: “W”.

Self-portraits of George W Bush


This Sunday, the painter trained for the first time by drawing his pets and quirky self-portraits he presents in his bathroom. These atypical plates ended up on the Internet, after his mailbox was hacked.

Then he took it in his head to paint the heads of state he met during his tenure. Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair or Nicolas Sarkozy passed under the brush of jokers as they slipped that he had “Rembrandt stuck in himself”. The genius sleeping in it is clearly struggling to get out. “The paintings are somewhat primitive and amateurish, which is kind of how I remember him as a boss »Paul Chan, an American artist, was judged in The New York Times.

bald cypress

Passionate about painting, George W. Bush also began selling trees. On his 600-hectare farm in Texas, he grows live oaks, sticky oaks, and bald cypresses that he sells for gardening. “I’m not a retiree, I’m an expert on trees”the former president brags on American TV shows that he is seen checking out his possessions in a golf car or 4×4.

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George W. Bush sporadically returned to the political scene, essentially opposing Donald Trump who came from the Republican Party like him. Texas refused to support the billionaire in New York in the 2016 presidential election, without calling for a vote for his opponent, Hillary Clinton. During Trump’s tenure, Bush also took a stand in favor of immigrants to the United States.

“Artistic” rebellion. He is now protesting in painting, in particular by publishing a gallery of portraits of immigrants to highlight “The benefits that immigrants bring to countries”. Would the world have been better off if he had picked up the brush sooner?

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