The Parisians lose in overtime… Live this match with us

10:38 p.m.: It’s time to close this live broadcast. Many of you answered the call this evening, it is my pleasure. I wish you a good evening! good night

10:34 p.m.: No, that’s fine, they just did a quick run on the grass before heading back to the stands.

10:32 p.m.: Oh my goodness, start of the conquest of the square by the supporters of Paris. It should not derail.

10:30 pm. : Sochalien Florentin Pogba came to celebrate from the final whistle with his clan, huddled right below me. This led to the beginning of confusion with the Paris supporters but nothing serious, and soon the matter calmed down.

92 : Has Couto rolled up to 20 metres, Demarconnay remains planted and can only see damage.

92nd: Oh that’s BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT from SOCHAUX!!!! It’s cruel for Paris who will still be beaten in a barrage. And with a worst-case scenario, they came close to snatching the extension.

90 : We go straight there children, we go there.

89 : What does little Haneen eat anyway… And the guy doesn’t flinch and gets up every time. I think I have my pet.

88 : the wind is blowing.

Well, Ken Loach

87 : Sochaux’s performance in 11 for 10, hurts the eyes.

84 : We still feel that Parisians are on a wire. If we go into overtime, it will be AJA who will be wringing their hands.

81 : Shot in the near post and cleared the defense. It conflicts with Sochaux but nostalgia is present for the police (do you have that?).

80 : In every corner of the Parisian stadium, the stadium looks like Pino! But given the way they shot them, it’s probably best to actually have a corner.

79th place: Once again the nostalgia that gave us Kung Fu Panda to launch a new hot ball! It’s Nicholas Balois from PFC (although he doesn’t look like him at all).

78 : The Parisian defense on a wire in front of Kalolo, Demarconay does not get bored and sends a powerful blow to the pump. It holds up to now.

75 : Know that in Charletti, we warm up behind the goal line. Football country as we like it.

73 : What a defensive comeback from craving again! Holy match for the left side of the PFC.

72 : Sochaux continues to make mistakes as a butcher instead of playing football. brilliant idea.

71 : Sochaux people sing something about “appetizing”. Good people, for sure.

68 : A Parisian corner kick on the goalkeeper… he’s stupid, at 10 for 11, guys, don’t spoil it.

67 : It’s more choppy than it was in the first period, the tension builds, the calves tremble, and the heads shake. I could go on like this for a long time, but you get the idea.

64 : What can give Parisians hope is that they aren’t the wrath of war either (he said after saying that they blend well in small spaces #JeanMichelCohérence).

61 : Blends well in small spaces, to the touch, on the Sochaux side but the finish is missing. Thioune sends sauce over the Demarconnay bar.

59 : From pink, the sky turned black in time to say it, it smells like this story since I know nothing about it. I’m obviously not cool with my little T-shirt…

56th place: Ooh, great heat in the Paris defense with Sochaux’s central shot that Kalolo was unable to tackle in the net. He missed the size of dogs.

53 : A great pass (almost) from a Parisian defender to the Sochaux striker. The hit is not on the target but you don’t really have to give them free ammo…

fifty And the Parisians are the ones who go straight back to the attack. They can do it these idiots (in my affectionate mouth)! And the playground that wakes up to accompany them. I’m telling you, tonight it’s going to make no sense or it won’t be, we’ll have fun I guess.

47 : What can the Parisians invent for us this time? The loss of Pino third and the winning goal in the 98th minute, with a return from Grandfather Demarconay? Don’t let us down, dear Paris Club.

9:33 pm : The players are back. Good luck to Paris FC getting up after such a scenario… In any case, I wouldn’t spit in such an unlikely second period. We are never safe from anything with this good old Ligue 2 BKT.

9:20 PM: Come on, it’s time to rest, I’ll see you guys in a quarter of an hour!

Forty-fifth: The Sochalian Equation!!! Right after the red goal and just before the break, this one from Steve Embry would hit the heads of Lowry’s men.

44 : I don’t want to say, but we absolutely don’t hear from the Parisians tonight. They are literally squashed by their duo counterparts who set fire to their kickoff.

42nd: The second elite of the name, Paris FC will play more than the first half in the tenth!!! It can change everything.

Forty: Don’t go too far! Sochaux’s first chance after 40 minutes with that little left turn of I-didn’t-saw-who-it-it, he hit the base of the post.

38 : A new attempt by the PFC against but Lopez’s shot at the end of the race is not on target.

XXXV: Ouhhhhh Demarconnay who gives goosebumps to his teammates after a spoiled clearance! We must also say that the potato field that serves as a lawn in Charletti does not help the poor very much.

32 : Benays must eat well in the canteen right-sided Parisian Axel Bamba! I’ve already encountered molds like those in the Finistere neighborhood (at the time I was still lying on the floor for 90 minutes without coughing up my lungs).

29 : Come on, the first moment is a little soft on the knee in this match. The Suchalin finally got its foot on the ball after it got past the tide for 20 minutes. The opportunity for me to finish my celery flower (yes, in the Paris Football Club we know how to receive).

twenty fourth Note that the crucial pass Elimami Gouri will miss the injury. Julian Lopez, the older brother of the former Marseille Maxime, is the one who takes his place. For the record, when I started, I had a lengthy interview with him in a bloated hookah bar in the northern districts of Marseille. Sexy, isn’t it?

22 : It is clear that the Parisians have already forgotten the two missed penalties. The men threw themselves back into Prefoot’s goal as if nothing had happened. And he almost passed with this scud from Sebi out of the box. It is close to destiny.

twenty : And Demarconnay is still in PFC cages from the top 78 (age 39 in real life). The guy was already there when we commented on the Paris matches with my school of journalism in 2013. Brother loyalty.

eighteen Hidalgo’s resignation!

sixteen : This time it’s the varilla who eats the solvency. The “funny” thing is that it copied and pasted for the first time, flush with the last Prévot column left. Sochaux can thank his lucky star, crazy thing hahaha!

Fourteenth: Its prices IONCECAB ¨CINCNOZDA?

Thirteenth kisa: We’ll change shooters this time. Suchalin is already on the brink, he is a nephew.

Twelfth: PENOOOOOOOO FOR PARIS IT’S IM-PORTE-QUOI!!!! And there is no telling, the processing is poor.

10th: Magneto Serge >> Left against (thank you for the saloon doors in Sochaux defense), Gory collapses on the right side and falls face down and addresses a full-pivot bun that Siby quickly retrieves. Looking at the start of the match, there is nothing to be said, it is clear that Paris FC is better at returning to this barrage.


VI : It was a hand from Diedhiou after an air duel in the area. And the name Mustafa is the one who writes it, it goes to the left of Prevot’s post.

Fourth: He’s fucking him!!! Sochaux Cup in Helixx above the thirteenth arrondissement!

The third: Penoooooooooo for Paris, but what???? Crazy start to the match, the referee surrounded the referee, and I personally did not see what happened. maybe a hand?

The second : The Parisians rush to attack and get the first corner at the foot of the Sochaux curve.

8:30 pm. : Fumis and the agricultural bomb on the Sochaux ultras side, it’s good, I feel at home.

8:28 pm : Players stumbled, we’ll be able to go.

8:25 pm : Maybe it’s good weather and my good mood is what does that, but I think the weather isn’t too bad in the end. And that’s even if there must be 7,000 people blowing it all up (which is nearly three times the usual crowd this season in Charliet, all the same).

8:20 pm : Sochaux Eleventh for Omar Duff.

8:15 pm : The formation of the General Planning Authority, deprived of Khaled Boutayeb, who unfortunately crossed the corridors last week. brave man.

8:10 pm : Sochaux’s 200 supporters (with a wet finger, huh, we’re not a cow) seem to be on their way to winning the battle of the stands.

8 p.m.: Hi La Maeve! I just landed in the stands, the atmosphere deserves a Bombonera tonight in Charletti (no). On the other hand, great for a speaker who does everything he has to warm up the lean audience. I respect that.

Saluuuuuuuuuut fifous and welcome to this live Ligue 2! In the programme, a short playoff between Thierry Lorez Paris FC and Sochaux Montpelliard led by Omar Duff, at the Charletti Stadium was still hot. Okay, okay, we’re laughing a little bit but it takes to hold it in a container like the one at Porte de Gentilly. We still hope the beautiful Parisian sun will encourage onlookers to come in, set their noses and set the mood for tonight. Just as we hope for a lively match, up to the challenge.

“I’ll meet you at 8pm for the launch of this Paris FC – Sochaux live

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