The Patriots will come back, if they so desire

As Alexandre Gascon wrote last week, a way out of the crisis seemed inevitable as the Quebec hockey community mobilized to demand a review of this controversial decision.

On Tuesday, Cégep de Saint-Laurent’s Director of Student Services and Communications, Daniel Malkassoff, and the team’s new head coach, Daniel Continelli, met with the Patriots players to assess their intentions for next season. Ms. Malkasov also took the opportunity to apologize to the young athletes for the turmoil that occurred last week.

Megan Meron, who is developing within this team, denounced the situation in a letter he sent to various local MPs. She welcomes the decision with joy, but says she understands the moderate enthusiasm shown by some of her teammates. I was a little pissed off that we had to do this, but at the same time it would have helped us highlight women’s hockey. It will not be for nothing.

The suspension of the program had the effect of a bomb. It took five days to manage Ségéepe Saint Laurent to get the first-class women’s team back on track. A way out of the crisis delights liberal MPs Christine Saint-Pierre, Marwa Rezgui and Enrico Ciccone, who came to support the Patriots players during a press conference in front of the Cégep de Saint-Laurent on Wednesday. Quadruple Olympic champion Caroline Aulette and University of Montreal Carabines coach Isabelle Leclerc also made sure to speak for the cameras.

The support of the deputies of the ride on which the Cégep de Saint-Laurent is located at today’s event and the alumni of the program surprised the architecture student, who admitted she was a bit behind in her work. Last-day commitments.

I didn’t think it would be this big honestlyfrankly admitted the 19-year-old student. I’m glad he succeeded. Maybe it motivates people to help us have more vision and more opportunities, like men.

support politicians

It’s positive, but nothing has been won so farcautiously summoned the opposition’s spokesperson for sports affairs, Enrico Ciccone.un rapport [sur le développement du hockey au Québec], et une semaine après, on perd un programme. On doit être en mode addition, on ne peut pas soustraire. Il y a un financement important à faire.”,”text”:”C’est quand même ironique de déposer un rapport [sur le développement du hockey au Québec], et une semaine après, on perd un programme. On doit être en mode addition, on ne peut pas soustraire. Il y a un financement important à faire.”}}”>It’s still ironic to report [sur le développement du hockey au Québec]A week later we lose the program. We have to be in the plus mode, we can’t subtract. There is significant financing to be done.

If the government is serious about its desire to develop hockey in general and women’s hockey, it should support institutions such as CégepLiberal MP Christine St-Pierre believes. Cégep needed support and today we can see the result and I am very happy.

Minister of Education and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest, Prime Minister François Legault and Marc Denis, President of the Quebec Committee for the Development of Hockey.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Paul Chiason

The same story is on the part of the Minister of Education and Responsible for Sports, Isabelle Charest, who was encouraged by the result after working closely with the various parties involved.

I think everyone has the good will to make it work, so we put the actors around the same table to be able to find solutionsexplained Minister Charest, who is questioning the Student Sports Network of Quebec (RSEQ) project to increase the number of teams in the first degree from seven to six within two years.

Of course, we’re working to expand the practice and get more girls to play hockey. From that perspective, we don’t want to cut the difference, we want more. If there were more teams, maybe we would be able to make teams of the same caliber.

We felt like we were going backwards

That is the impression Olympic champion Caroline Aulette had when she learned of Cégep de Saint-Laurent’s decision. She needed a few days before she could speak to reporters. The Concordia Stingers coach couldn’t contain her anger after hearing the reasons given to justify the “temporary” closure of the team she wore during her college career.

It’s a program that has been so important in my career, in my life that I’ve made friends that I still keep in touch with.Owlette said. Cégep Saint-Laurent was a real starting point in my career for the formation of the national team, but these are also pivotal years in the career and life of our young student-athletes.

Caroline Owlette has received so much during her time with the Patriots that she would like to be able to do the same for those who might want to emulate her career, or simply play the sport they love before their careers start. The former captain of the national team, with the help of the coach of the Carabines from the University of Montreal, Isabelle Leclerc, wishes to call the first. Saint Laolike them, to try and create a scholarship system to support players and coaches.

I think an event that may seem negative to us at first will have positive repercussions and show us that still in 2022, there are issues for women’s sport. »

Quote from Isabelle Leclerc, coach of the University of Montreal Carabins and former Patriotes of Cégep de Saint-Laurent.

For me, what happens is positiveCaroline Owlette confirmed during the press conference. Crowd of players, meeting with Cégep de Saint-Laurent, Daniel Continelli who wants to return to office, who wants to save the program … We have to stop eliminating programs that help our girls practice our national sport.

Rebuilding the winning team

Daniel Continelli took his first steps as a hockey coach at the helm of the Patriots women’s team in the early 2000s, and that’s what prompted him to take over the team after spending 11 years there.

The message is that Cégep de Saint-Laurent miscalculated and miscalculated the scope and scale of the programme [de hockey féminin]. They’ve admitted their mistakes, said they’re back, to convince the girls he’s actually back, and I’m here for it. »

Quote from Daniel Continelli, Technical Director of Cégep de Saint-Laurent Patriotes.

If 12 players do indeed confirm their return with the Patriots next season, there are still six to seven players missing to reach the 18-man minimum set by the head coach. Convincing a lot of players wouldn’t be an easy task with the start of summer, but he got concessions from Cégep, including improving his training hours, to improve his power of attraction.

I don’t want that to be what stops us from playing next year, I couldn’t believe itNow wishing Mégan Miron, who did everything in her power to be able to resume the sport she loves.

Of course, I still have work to do, we don’t know each other very well, but the point of Cégep is really to get him back.His coach said. He should know the intentions of the reluctant players by Friday.

The young coach has no illusions about the level of play his coaching will be able to deliver next season, but he remains convinced he can restore some of that coaching’s luster with a glorious past.

Shall we fight for the championship? [la saison prochaine]Probably not, but I want to compete and fast. We’ve already been the best program in Quebec, and my goal is that in three to five years, we’ll at least be back in the top three.

If he is to rebuild a hockey program that has been faltering for a few years, Daniel Continelli knows he must first rebuild bridges between his organization and the players it has let down.

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