The Rocket defeats Crunch 4-1 to take control of the series

Alexis Belanger Champagne, The Canadian Press

Laval, Q.; – Rocket Laval avoided the trap of drifting with their emotions in the first home-grown playoff in franchise history.

Cedric Paquette broke the tie moments after making a call that disallowed a goal for his team in the third inning and the Montreal Canadiens farm club beat Syracuse Crunch 4-1 on Thursday at Place Bell, in Game Three. Their semi-final series the Northern Division.

Fans were outraged by the referees’ decision to reject Xavier Ouellet’s goal, but the Rocket players were able to control their emotions and Paquette replaced himself a few minutes later.

“Our team sometimes tends to lose control. Tonight, we kept our cool and the goal was to find a way to score the next goal,” said Rocket coach Jean-Francois Houle.

So the Rocket controls 2-1 in the best of five series. The fourth game will be played on Saturday afternoon in Place Belle.

“The crowd was extraordinary, since the warm-up period. They (the spectators) were dressed in white. Jean-Sebastien Dea, the Rocket bomber, said.

“Playing in this atmosphere is special.”

If the final game is necessary, it will take place on Tuesday in Syracuse.

Both teams did not give up much space for the opponent during the confrontation. Despite the ups and downs, it was Rocket’s solid game that made the difference, going 2 against 7.

“We’re not going to hide it,” Dia said, “It was a disaster for our unit, and he reverted to the rocket’s power-run problems for moments long during the match. We couldn’t get into the zone. Sometimes you just have to go back to basics. We changed our zone entries.”

“We showed the strength of our character and we were rewarded.”

The Crunch was unable to take advantage of the two massive attack opportunities.

Danic Martel also scored a goal in strong play for the Rocket, while Dia and Louie Belpedio provided secure goals in the empty nets late in the game. Kayden stopped the primo 22 rounds.

Remy Elie’s response to a crisis. Maxime Lagacé made 23 saves.

No changes were made to the two teams. Therefore, the Rocket played 11 attackers and seven defenders for the second match in a row.

By attempt

Rocket opened the scoring quickly after 2:43 in play, capitalizing on a solid first in the game. Martel moved the ropes with one timer after a perfect cross from Sami Nico.

Crunch almost got lucky after just over eight minutes into play, as Frederic Clayson’s shot hit Cole’s asteroid in front of goal, then onto the skate of defender Toby Beckett-Bison. Primo had to extend the stick on the ice to prevent the disc from crossing the goal line.

Rocket had three more power plays before the end of the first period, but he often struggled to settle into an opposing area. Dia is the closest to widening the gap, but it has reached the post.

Alex Barry Boulet came close to equalizing just over a minute ago in the first half. Crunch forward started at the corner of the rink and headed toward the rocket net. Barré-Boulet managed to slide the disc between the Primeau pads, but the disc hit the post, then gave Primeau’s right sled before it got out of harm’s way.

The Rocket went two-on-one early in the second period, but Beckett hit Lagacé. Darren Radish collected a puck and a long pass to Ellie who escaped. The French-Ontarian defeated Primo at 4:49 with a powerful shot.

There weren’t many shots on target in the first 40 minutes of play, and the Rocket had an advantage of 14-10 in this regard after two stints.

Barré-Boulet blocked Rocket’s best chance in the second half, diving to cut Dea’s pass to Teasdale on a two-man attack on the goalkeeper.

Xavier Ouellet managed to beat Lagacé after about six minutes of play in the third half. However, the goal was immediately disallowed by the referees, given that Paquette interfered with the work of Crunch’s goalkeeper.

In the next seconds of play, Barré-Boulet reached the post to the left of Primeau.

Rocket finally took the lead in the seventh play of power in the game. Paquette subtly converted Dea’s pass into goal at 8:49.

Even if he wasn’t always confident in front of his net, Primo managed to shut the door to a crisis late in the game.

Dea made the fans start celebrating by scoring in the empty net with 1:42 remaining on the clock. Belpedio also scored in an empty net late in the game with 20 seconds left.

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