The sports calendar of the races in and around Paris

Throughout the year, Paris and its neighboring cities offer several races that can be held alone or in a team, in a competitive, friendly or solidarity manner. Discover our sports schedule!

Spring/Summer Races

My City Run – Sunday 15 May

Used to jogging, budding jogging or forever curious, let yourself be surprised by an unusual itinerary in the heart of the capital: a 9 or 15 kilometer untimed sports hike that will take you off the beaten path.

On May 15, come and enjoy a unique, cultural and friendly 9km or 15km long experience, alone or with others.

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Kids Without Cancer – Thursday 19 May

Run to accelerate childhood cancer research. A solid, committed two-hour race that will give you an appointment at La Défense. Go for it!

Central steps of Paris

On Sunday 22 May, take part, young and old, in the Foulées de Paris Centre, a family race in the Rives de Seine park.

10 km from Paris – Sunday 5 June

Adidas 10K Paris is the longest 10 km in France, in the heart of Paris. The sporting, festive and trendy event of the year! Come and experience a unique and unified running experience, whatever your level. To be done alone or in a team, with your friends, family or colleagues.

Adidas 10K Paris is the longest 10 km in France, in the heart of Paris. The sporting, festive and trendy event of the year!

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Steps 12 – Sunday 12 June

An eco-friendly race organized by SAM Paris 12 runners in Bois de Vincennes. For this new version, children from 7 to 11 years old will also have the right to their own competition.

Registration for the Foulées du 12ème is open. An eco-friendly race organized by the runners at SAM Paris 12 in the Bois de Vincennes.

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Garmin Triathlon – Sunday, June 26

The hybrid cycle between swimming, cycling and running is a crazy challenge to take on sunny days. Two forms are offered by the organizers:

  • Everyone can access the SPRINT(S) triathlon with 500m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running

  • The Olympic Challenge (M) is an individual or relay with 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running.

Garmin Paris Triathlon 2022! That’s fine, you can take your place on June 26th. Ready for this challenge?

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La Parisienne – Sunday 11 September

In the heart of the capital, you can start an extraordinary path by running or walking! Champ de Mars, the banks of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, the Place de la Concorde, the Grand Palais … and many other monuments along this extraordinary route.

Roses Triathlon – Saturday 17th September

Triathlon des Roses was launched in conjunction with ‘Pink October’, in favor of breast cancer screening. Alone or in a team, it offers distances that everyone can reach: 200m swimming, 8km cycling and 5km running.

The Triathlon des Roses was organized to mark the launch of ‘Pink October’, a month of international mobilization for breast cancer screening. This year, this race will be held on September 17th.

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Thoiri Wild Race 2022 – Sunday 18th September

Thoiry opens its doors to you and offers a festive and sporty Sunday. Sunday, September 18, register for the fourth edition of the Thoiri Wild Race. New 10 km road through the zoo and castle park. Registrations are open.

Autumn and winter races

Paris – Versailles – Sunday 25 September

Paris-Versailles is a great classic for running enthusiasts. The road connects the two main cities. Depart from Quai Jacques Chirac and cut across the capital to the Royal City.

The Grande Classique Paris-Versailles returns this year. The 43rd edition will take place on Sunday, September 25th. We invite you to register now!

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20 km from Paris – Sunday 9 October

The 2022 edition will be cosmic! This year, the race is placed under the space theme! And unless the runner wants to “run without weight” to go faster and “fly” over the road. Don’t waste any more time and sign up for this unique race.

The big road racing is back this year. The 20km de Paris team is mobilized to offer you a unique experience: this year, the race will be set around the space theme! And unless the runner wants to “run without weight” to go faster and “fly” over the road.

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Urgent Tour – Saturday 19 November

Unified fun and challenge. Access to toilets is a problem all around us. Did you know that one in three people doesn’t have access to it? The mission of this race is to fund sanitation programs around the world. Too hot to race for the throne?

Solidarity race to fund sanitation programs around the world!

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Whether you’re an intermittent or regular runner, a solo sports enthusiast or a team coach, here’s a guide to the best places to run in town, and tips to motivate you, because you deserve it.

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