The Sports Health Program tracks “excess weight” and “loss of breath” in people who are overweight or weak

Extra pounds, sank in the heart and the feeling that it will be difficult to restore your health. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to confront your body with the bodybuilders out in the gym, or simply expose yourself with full effort to the gaze of others. In the land of flabby buttocks, drooping hips, drooping stomachs, and thus health that inevitably deteriorates, it’s not always easy to find the right accompaniment to get back in the saddle, and still less with personalized advice from health and sports professionals, and without necessarily breaking the bank.

To re-motivate while you are good, to give everyone the possibility to return to Game After or before bariatric surgery, a long period without effort or even losing a few extra kilos, this is the concept developed by one of the programs offered by the Association of Internal Health in Strasbourg. It also offers exercise activities for people with chronic illnesses, cancer, long-term illnesses, and a rare disease, responding to problems with high blood pressure or diabetes.

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Founded in 2017, the association, which currently has more than 250 members, was born out of a collaboration between sports educators Aviron Santé, Department of Career Exploration at the Civic Hospital, Paul-Strauss Regional Cancer Control Center, the College with a Doctorate in Sports Sciences at the University of Strasbourg and Doctors Specializing in cardiology, endocrinology and obesity surgery. “Being from the world of rowing and health sports, we wanted to offer individualized training programs that are specific to each disease,” explains Cyprien Peronet Association Director, Cyprien Peronet. They are all designed and approved by our founding members: physiologists, sports science educators, researchers and clinicians. »

Sports session by the Association of Internal Health in Strasbourg on May 7, 2022 – J. Varela / 20 min

In small groups and in a relaxed atmosphere but with training suitable for everyone, lessons can be conducted at several locations in Strasbourg, depending on the time periods and program chosen. In a room at the School of Physics in Strasbourg, Claire, a nurse by trade, is now a repentant athlete who uses a USB key in a rowing machine, equips herself with sensors to monitor and record all training data (strength, distance, heart rate) and pauses in a series of exercises. It’s all under the philanthropic control of Tilia, a sports teacher and master’s student at Staps at the University of Strasbourg.

After “surgery, a few years ago and a pregnancy,” Claire explains, “a few kilos came back and my breathing disappeared.” So the young woman had been following the association’s weight gain program for nearly five months. “I especially got my breath back, welcomed the mother-in-law, and couldn’t climb stairs much.” In the process, I lost a few pounds. Like Emmanuel warming up at another rower, she appreciates “that sober symbiosis, a relaxed atmosphere, and several convenient time slots.” Here, no frills, equipment is basic, everyone arrives at their own time and launches their programme, interspersed with live music coming from a small radio.

“It is a six-month programme, with three sessions per week, detailing Cyprien Peronet Association Director, with three sessions per week. There may also be food-focused workshops and hiking trips for volunteers. The activity is adapted to pathology and physiology. The person has the data collected during the sessions allow the development or adaptation of programs whose goals are global prevention in the field of public health.

Programs are also offered for other issues, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Another is in preparation for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To register, you can see your doctor or contact the association directly. The cost of the full six-month program has also been reduced and adjusted: €165!

If health rather than aesthetics is the essence of an association’s activity, it also implies a desire “not to make its members feel guilty.” Furthermore, they do not fit into a sponsorship program, but take a license from the National Rowing Federation, as it is a sport in question and not a disease.

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