The Trial of Johnny Depp / Amber Heard | The actor’s career was already declining before the charges, witnesses say

(Washington) Johnny Depp’s career and finances were already in decline ahead of Amber Heard’s domestic violence charges in 2018, witnesses said Thursday in the actor’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. claims he was convicted by Hollywood of speaking out.

Updated May 19

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Actress Ellen Barkin, the only other celebrity to finally testify in court in Fairfax, Washington, recalled that Johnny Depp was “drunk almost all the time,” jealous and possessive when they had a love affair. from the 1990s.

In her pre-recorded testimony, she said the actor threw her a bottle of wine, but did not direct it, during a debate on the filming of the film. Las Vegas Paranojak in 1997.

Another witness, Johnny Depp’s former agent, claimed that the comedian was “the biggest movie star in the world” before “his star disappeared” from drugs and alcohol and “his unprofessional attitude” from 2010.

“He was consistently late for almost every movie,” said Tracey Jacobs, who served as his agent for 30 years before retiring in October 2016.

“Teams do not like to wait for hours for the movie star to appear and […] made people reluctant to use it, ”she explained in the recorded testimony.


According to her, the use of drugs and alcohol hindered her in her work. He regularly used a headset to get someone to whisper his words, Mrs.ME Jacobs.

She claimed she had never seen violent acts by the actor.

Episode 5 of the saga Pirates of the Caribbeanfilmed in 2015 in Australia, was interrupted for several weeks because Johnny Depp had cut his finger during an argument with Amber Heard, who, according to her, would have degenerated into a particularly fucking sexual assault.

Johnny Depp, however, continued to spend generously, said his former wealth manager Joel Mandel, who had accompanied him since 1999 before being fired in 2016.

Beginning in 2010, Johnny Depp’s career was hampered by “several sequel films that did not come out,” he explained in his pre-recorded testimony.

In 2015, “it was clear that he had problems with alcohol and drugs” and “this translated into a more disordered attitude,” he explained, as well as spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of ruining his reputation and career by claiming it in a column published in 2018 by Washington Post that she had suffered domestic violence two years ago when they were married but without mentioning her name.

False rumors

He claims he never raised his hand against a woman and assures that these accusations pushed Disney studios to deprive her of the role of famous Captain Jack Sparrow for the 6th.AND opusi i Pirates of the Caribbean that he had to return.

But, underlined Tracey Jacobs, “no one had vowed for him to have the role”.

Disney producer Tina Newman confirmed that she has never discussed with studio officials a possible drawer due to the podium.

It was Amber Heard, on the contrary, who was banned from Hollywood after she denounced her ex-husband, said Jessica Kovacevic, the 36-year-old actress’s current agent.

Despite the “great success” of the film Aquamanreleased in late 2018 and in which she co-starred with Jason Momoa, her role was reduced to Aquaman 2she explained.

She denounced the statements of a lawyer hired by Johnny Depp, who accused Amber Heard of “false statements”, and the false rumors launched on social media that made her miss out on “other career opportunities”.

Discussions will resume Monday and continue through May 27, after which seven jury members will retire to discuss.

Amber Heard filed for divorce in May 2016, just one year after their marriage, accusing her husband of domestic violence. She had dropped her complaint before the divorce was announced in early 2017.

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