The very athletic candidates…the lack of volatility…a somewhat ‘flat’ season according to our readers

Kick off at the end of February, this new season of Koh Lanta It started off fairly well: the discovery of the cursed totem and its horrible sentences, multiple teams came in and checked out the episodes… Admittedly, the number of candidates was a bit high and we lost a bit, but some twists remained for us in suspense. Then the mechanics creaked more and more, and the thrill was only in the outcome of the elimination rounds and in the victory of either the Reds or the Yellows.

So we were eagerly awaiting the reunification that, as usual, had to adjust the cards of the game, and see the birth of individual strategies and the proliferation of betrayals on both sides. Finally, a little spice! But three weeks later, we’re still looking for him.

Tuesday evenings follow each other and look alike on one side Koh Lanta : “The Strong” (Old Reds) get stronger and stronger, eliminating the “Less Strong” (Old Yellow) episode after episode, without big surprises for the viewer. But where are the crazy setbacks and back-planted knives? Why is this season not so exciting? readers 20 minutesBig fans of TF1 have their own ideas.

Comfort Test Rewards Are Not Files

For Jennifer, the 32-year-old reader who has responded to our call for contributions, several elements are missing from this edition. Starting to broadcast the match on Tuesday (as in the season of legends), which it considers a “big mistake”. She therefore hopes to return to the Friday time slot next time, “because it’s a family program, and after seeing that it ends at midnight, very few people can stay until the end.” A view shared by many fans. “It can be watched quietly with the family on Friday evening, not in the middle of the week when it ends at 11 pm!”, notes Helen. If the day of the broadcast has no effect on the content of the show, then let’s say that it clearly does not allow viewers to watch Koh Lanta in the best conditions.

Returning to Jennifer, the reader also dwells on the course of the game, fishing or foraging in the woods.” On this question, Ann, 51, is of the same opinion. “We feel perceptively always on the same paradigm, she notes. We don’t see anything about camp life until just after the immunity tests where we see a little bit of collar searching and a little bit of counseling negotiation, but nothing else. The twists, last year’s characters, are already over for several seasons. »

Several of our readers have reported this lack of sequencing in camp, which didn’t jump out at us. As for the twists and turns, it must be admitted that it is not this year’s legion. Unable to reverse direction (not due to lack of trying), old yellow is shed one by one by old red (in numerical superiority), during nice and predictable filters. So much so that now it’s hard to see adventurers other than Francois, Amber, Luana or even my win in the semi-finals… Adventurers so strong, so deserving, so athletic and so challenging. But maybe a little too?

“If I want to see people doing sports, I go to the gym”

“Candidates don’t have charisma, I usually have one or more fetishes, and this year I don’t have one”… “I don’t have any fetishes”… They don’t deal with adventurers this season. Claire, 30, believes that “the candidates are very smooth and fairly uniform. There is a shortage of atypical candidates, without going down to the level of reality tv angels. There are a few outstanding candidates, it’s like looking at a summer camp story with exams, it’s very flat. Some also criticize this edition as it only collected the super sports candidates. And it must be admitted that productions have not skimped on the muscle and eye of the tiger this year, with several sports coaches and former professional players or competitors on board.

“All candidates have the same athletic profile! It’s definitely essential, but mixed with people who are really looking for adventure, not competition,” says Benedict. Same story for Jane, 35, who doesn’t go with the back of a spoon. “What I like about it Koh Lanta, the fact of seeing “ordinary” people was in a state of survival. For strategies, manipulations, lies … But in recent seasons we only see super-sports people, who have spent at least 10 years preparing for the program, and who have bet everything on the sports side, take note. I honestly don’t care, if I want to see people exercising, I go to the gym. Not all of the show’s featured people were athletes (in our hearts forever Gégé or Pascal!). This balance between “athletes” and “ordinary people” no longer exists in Koh LantaWhich is why all-star seasons swell on everyone, and this season is so flat. The concept is still good, but the choice is not much. »

It all comes down to chance now.

Is the boredom that prevails this season as a result of the dominance of sports features on the game? At this point, the cast may lack a bit of imagination, rebellious or reckless candidates… We also note the reproduction of usual patterns with powerful male alliances and candidates struggling to break away from them. Much was expected of the cursed totem. If he encouraged the start of the game, he’s been rather weak since the reunification. However, we will need a small evil base to surprise adventurers who are too self-confident, destabilize alliances and offer a small push to strangers. But isn’t it also among the concerns that after 20 years in existence, the candidates know the way the game works all too well?

As revealed in the teaser after the killing of the late Anne Sophie last week, this Tuesday evening will see the return of “Linked Destinies” and hopefully its share of surprises. Now it’s one of our last chances to be a little sluggish, hoping luck is good and the team’s combinations are particularly tasty.

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