The Yankees beat the Blue Jays 3-2 to win their 10th game in a row

TORONTO – Torres hit homer in two rounds, traveled a game-breaker in the ninth and led the New York Yankees to a 10th straight win by defeating the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 on Monday.

The Yankees (17-6), who top Major League Baseball, have not been defeated since April 21 at the expense of the Detroit Tigers.

The Blue Jays (15-9) have won nine of their last 12 games. Queen City have not lost a streak this season (6-0-1) and only drew four games in a row against the Yankees last month.

Ross Stripling allowed two runs and five hits and hit three out of five innings.

David Phelps, Trevor Richards, and Adam Semper teamed up to get rid of 12 Yankees fighters in a row after Stripling was evacuated.

Yemi Garcia (0-2) came in as the ninth inning break for the Blue Jays. One song by Giancarlo Stanton was allowed to end the streak. Then disc runner Tim Lucastro stole second base. Torres followed up a few more moments with his song that allowed the octros to cross the house plate.

“Good job again,” Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo said of his shooting. We had no margin for error. We planned the meeting well. Everyone did their job and we were in the game until the end.

Chad Green got to save the Yankees. Reliever inherited Clay Holmes (2-0) win.

The Blue Jays were able to put two players at the base in the seventh and eighth inning, but were unable to capitalize.

“I know they’re going to hit,” Montoyo said of his team that left six players at the base.

“Looks like it’s the first month of the season where every game is really tight and you haven’t found your rhythm yet. But I think we’ll find it. When is that going to happen? I don’t know, but I hope some guys start with some good streaks. Then you know when they say good hitting is contagious, so Everyone should take it.

Alec Manoah (4-0) will start the six-foot-6 Blue Jays in the game against the Yankees. He will face Jameson Taeyeon (1-1).

Ryu will make a fitness start

Blue Jays Hyun Jin Ryu pitcher will be on the hill on Saturday for AAA Buffalo Ranch as he recovers from his stiff forearm that put him on the injured reserve list.

The South Korean player has been out of action since April 17, a day after giving up five wins in six strokes in the 7-5 loss to the Auckland Athletics. Rio, who won 14 games last season, is entering the third season of a four-year contract worth $80 million.

Jays manager Charlie Montoyo said his performance in Saturday’s game will determine whether he needs a minor start in the league.

The Jays also said that team player Tuscar Hernandez (left diagonal) is headed to Dunedin, where he will continue his rehabilitation. We preferred Florida over Buffalo because of the weather.

According to Montoyo, Hernandez could return next weekend.

Pitcher Nate Pearson, whose start to the season was delayed due to mononucleosis, is set to set off for the Bulls center Tuesday. Montoyo explained that the goal was to bring him back as a beginner, but that he could be used from the playing field.

Gunner Tyler Soseido suffers from groin pain. Left-handed Ryan Borucki (the Flashlight) is set to begin batting practice Wednesday in Toronto.

Player Cavan Biggio is no longer subject to COVID protocols, but third base coach Luis Rivera will not be able to play on Monday as he is considered to be in close contact.

The coach in the first bag is Mark Budzinski who will replace him, while Jill Kim will be the first.

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