This cat is heartbroken, and he has been brought back to the shelter for the third time!

Although it’s hard to say, the truth is that many cats and dogs are bred on the streets or abandoned by their owners at any time. As a result, they may end up in shelters where attempts are made to heal and heal their emotional wounds.

However, from the first moments, animals long to find a family. It’s because all they want is to feel important Take advantage of unconditional support. That is why, when they notice that people are coming to the shelters, they try to show all their skills to beat them. This way a lot of them get what’s on their mind.

But unfortunately, there are many families that, From day two, Leave the animals in shelters. It also happened to the cats that flipped 3 times and left very sad.

Shelter cat plight

Oscar is a 10-year-old cat who was rescued by the RSCPA from Burton when she was lost. They took care of his every need and showered him with a lot of love and affection. They also played their part in making all the arrangements to help him find a loving home. All they wanted was for the cat to live a dignified life, free from any form of suffering.

And soon they found a family interested in opening the doors of their house to the cat. However, after a few days, these people returned to the shelter and said that they were no longer able to take care of him.

As a result of this attitude, the staff From the shelter thought it was In case of force majeure it will not be repeated again. So they took the initiative to formalize the adoption with another interested family.

But, after a while, these people also decided to leave the cat in the shelter again without providing any further explanation. As a result, the hearts of both the animal and the workers were shattered for the second time.

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The third return

Despite the ordeal, the rescuers believe another family might take care of the cat and love him forever. So they came back to make arrangements for the third time. after a short time, They were thrilled when people showed up and said they were ready to share their lives with him. But after a few months, the illusion faded again.

The family came to the shelter and said she could no longer take care of the animal. Therefore, the situation again filled all employees of the organization with uncertainty.

They all said they could not understand why the cat had no family. This is considering that he is an affectionate and playful animal. Plus, he’s far from shy, as he always puts his head close to lifeguards to pamper and pamper them to let them know he’s comfortable around them.

As a result, all officials decided to pay more attention to the behavior of the animal to see if they could perceive anything unusual. They reached important conclusions.

Workers’ conclusions

After careful analysis, the rescuers noticed that the cat behaves unexpectedly when it is forced to do something it does not want to do. Moreover, he is not inclined to share his space with other felines.

On the other hand, they found that he appears to have been traumatized by the elderly women. Maybe because he had a problem with One of them is in the past and he is suspicious. Nevertheless, they are convinced that the animal can be an excellent companion for young people. He’s really friendly when he’s comfortable.

In addition, he may have a wonderful relationship with a family that is willing to let him act independently. Therefore, they always hope that the little animal will find a home in which it can be very happy. So much so, that they announced that they would continue to do everything in their power to fulfill the cat’s dream and guarantee him a life full of luxury.

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