Tips for Organic Gardening

IN the third volume of the Gardening with Marthe series, the incomparable horticulturist Marthe Laverdière shares many ancestral techniques for organic gardening respecting the cycles of seasons and nature. As always, she shares some clear personal anecdotes to give her more spice. Yes, it always has a good “story” to entertain its numerous readers.

This time, Marthe Laverdière invites people to make organic gardens like in the time of our ancestors to have wonderful gardens and gardens. She even suggests gardening according to our five senses, specifying that sometimes there can be a smell other than roses …

Generous, Marthe explains how to create a “lasagna” vegetable garden, the big trend in permaculture and how to create very rich soil. She shares organic recipes for creating ash bleach for fruit trees, makes suggestions for creating a wonderfully flavored garden, and explains the importance of insect pollination.

Take care of nature

In a phone interview from her home in Armagh, in the beautiful Bellechasse region, Marthe explains that she wanted to talk more about organic gardening and ancestral techniques in this new book.

“In the first two books I could not go that far because people have to be ready. When we say you make vegetable manure, well, it bears his name: pus, huh! I had to show people, first, the pleasure of gardening without putting pressure on myself, in the first book. »

In the second, she prompted her readers to question the use of chemicals. And this time, she invites them to start over, adhering to what is organic to help them cope with parasites, diseases, and so on.

She wanted to approach the book through the five senses. “Basically, a real gardener is a gardener who makes a garden for himself and through his senses. Not to make it beautiful, to make it like the neighbor, to make it like the magazine. It is someone who does it for him, to satisfy his senses and to place himself in an atmosphere of well-being. She loves aromatic plants!

Former techniques

Marthe appreciates grandma’s recipes. “We saw our grandparents doing this. I was raised by my father, but my father’s mother lived with us for a while. She was born in 1900, listen … My mother’s father, even though he was dead, came to live with us. I saw them making gestures that I did not understand, but they repeated every year and it worked. »

When he started doing commercial horticulture, he wondered about using many products. “Why do they worry so much about all kinds of products?” I never wanted to sell these products because I thought they were much simpler and much more natural. And much cheaper. »

“I was associated with these gestures at a very young age. “Without realizing it, I knew this was what needed to be done,” she said.

Our ancestors did not have all those chemicals to grow the tomatoes and potatoes that kept them.

“Plants were much more resistant than today. With patented seeds, big companies have eliminated the old varieties. People abandoned them and the seed companies were not selling as much as they abandoned them. Thus we lose the ancestral varieties, which had passed the test of time. »

  • Marthe Laverdière has been a horticulturist for thirty years.
  • She also wrote best-selling books Gardening with Marthe 1 AND 2.
  • She has also published the romantic series The hills of Bellechasse.
  • I do not open greenhouses this year.


Marthe Laverdiere

Decorative plants and flowers, for a gardener, are like colored tubes for a painter, food for a cook, fabrics for a tailor, wood species for a sculptor: they are the raw material with which we can express our artistic thread.

I like floristics, creating beautiful bouquets that decorate rooms. It is a feature I gave to Eve’s character in my Bellechasse Hills novel series: she places bouquets of flowers everywhere in her house.

I also really enjoy creating flower vases for the outdoors.

I am very used to assembling in large containers. What do you want, I do not make half measures. It’s all or nothing! »

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