Tom Cruise’s tortured private life is exposed in a documentary

Directed by Régis Brochier Tom Cruise, body and soul draws a complete portrait of the star of High weapon. This return to his extraordinary journey is an opportunity to evoke the dark side of the star, exposing his connections to Scientology and his tortured intimate life.

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Behind the extremely smooth face of the star of eternal youth hide much deeper cracks than it seems. Return to the incredible rise of Agent Ethan Hunt’s translator of the saga Mission Impossibledocumentary Tom Cruise, body and soul does not fail to expose the flaws that make it possible to better understand the man behind the action cinema icon.

An irresistible climb
First, documentary filmmaker Régis Brochier recalls the actor’s modest childhood, a dyslexic young man dreaming of a career in sports and discovering comedy by accident. He grew up fatherless and followed his single mother to the four corners of the United States. Then comes the time of the first steps in cinema. After a stormy appearance in An endless lovein 1981, Tom Cruise, armed with an irresistible smile, took on his first major role in Dangerous businessin 1983.

Three years later, High weapon literally pushes the actor to the pinnacle of glory. The documentary highlights how deeply Tom Cruise was involved in Tony Scott’s film, which made him a nation’s hero. Instead of flipping through this success by immediately shooting a sequel, the star prefers to change the registry to respond to legends like Paul Newman (The color of money1986) and Dustin Hoffman (The rain man1988).

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Lack of recognition
For his role in Born on July 4th, by Oliver Stone (1989), Tom Cruise won his first Oscar nomination. He got two more, one for his performance in jerry maguirein 1996, and the other for his secondary role in Magnoliain 2000. Unfortunately for him, the actor never managed to win the precious golden statue and this failure hurt him deeply, as the documentary points out.

Tom Cruise receives his first Oscar nomination for his role in Born on July 4th.

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Tom Cruise receives his first Oscar nomination for his role in Born on July 4th.

Adored by the general public but shunned by a part of Hollywood, the unloved hero continues to seek recognition from his peers. This makes him particularly risky his relationship with Nicole Kidman to embody with the latter the couple in crisis of eyes closed, under the direction of master Stanley Kubrick. Régis Brochier mainly evokes this troublesome filming, which Tom Cruise experiences as suffering.

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Shadow of Scientology
Unfortunately for the actor, the sulfur film did not have the expected success. Worse, he’s right about his marriage to Nicole Kidman, which he left in 2001. This breakup is even more damaging as the actress seemed to be the only shield capable of countering the growing influence of the Church of Scientology in life and career. of Tom Cruise. Once Nicole Kidman is gone, the movement founded by L. Ron Hubbard has free rein to increase its influence over the star.

The documentary tells about Scientology, considered a sectarian movement in many countries, to explain why Tom Cruise has seen part of the profession turn its back on him. Steven Spielberg has said he does not want to work with her anymore World Warin 2005, and Paramount ended its long partnership with him in 2006.

It is also because of Scientologists that Katie Holmes decides to end her marriage to the actor in 2012 to prevent their daughter, Suri, from falling into the clutches of the church. But, not discouraged, the actor continues to multiply the incredible tricks, which he enjoys realizing in person, even if he will soon turn 60 years old. Thus, he can still believe in his lucky star when he will return to the cinema in his sequel High weaponin the role he made star.

Even though he is approaching his sixties, Tom Cruise still performs his tricks, especially in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Even though he is approaching his sixties, Tom Cruise still performs his tricks, especially in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

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