Top 10 Scary Animals: Beware, Goosebumps!

A scary animal…but not necessarily dangerous!

Snakes, spiders, sharks, wasps … All these types constitute a relatively “classical” phobia among ordinary humans. However, most of them are no match for the animals that are seen as the most terrifying animals in the world. Terrifying, yes, but harmless. Because most of them do not pose any danger to humans.

Johnson Abyssal Monkfish

It is impossible to talk about the most terrifying animals in the world without mentioning the species that live in the abyss. Among them: Johnson’s abyssal fish. Undoubtedly, Johnson’s abyssal abyssal fish has a head twice the size of its body and long, sharp teeth. Females also have a bioluminescent organ – which takes the form of a long spine above their nose – that they use for hunting. Johnson’s Abyssal Monkfish is also one of the blackest animals in the world! Rest assured, however, that you are unlikely to fall on it to the ocean floor, unless you know how to swim at a depth of 2,000 meters.

Giant spider crab

In pictures, in pictures What are the most terrifying animals in the world?

If you fear crabs and spiders, this type is (not) for you. The giant spider crab, Macrocheira kaempferi by its scientific name, is a crustacean that lives off Tokyo Bay, as far as Taiwan, in the Pacific Ocean. It takes its name from its physique, which is located halfway between a crab and a spider, but also from its size, whose wingspan can reach 3.5 meters. So the spider crab is the largest arthropod, it can weigh up to 20 kg and live up to … 100 years! Although terrifying, it does not pose any threat to humans. On the contrary, it is man who hunts them to eat them …

Which animal lives the longest?

Elf Shark

His nickname makes you smile: “shark – imp.” While one could imagine a small shark with a physique straight out of a children’s movie… it’s not. The goblin shark, Mitsukurina Auston from his real name, resembles the main character in a Steven Spielberg movie. Not Jurassic Park, the other. No wonder it is also called the “Elf Shark”. This shark travels in the waters of the globe between a depth of 100 and 1300 meters. It measures an average of 4 meters, has several dozen needle-like teeth, weighs up to 200 kg, and has a long, pointed nose. It is somewhat similar to the rhinoceros, but less friendly.

giant water bug

Trypophobes, refrain! Because Lethocerus, better known as Belostomatidae, has enough to make you lose your temper. Measuring in length from 6 to 12 cm (sometimes more) this aquatic insect – nicknamed the “giant water bug” – feeds on insects but also on fish and crustaceans. If he is not aggressive towards humans, with a possible dose of panic, he is nonetheless able to insert his powerful platform into the skin. A defense system known to be very painful. What relationship with trypophobia are you going to tell me? When lethocera mate, some females lay their eggs directly on the evil back and can produce nearly a hundred. We let you imagine what the new shell looks like once you revisit it.

White Shark, a super fearsome predator

sea ​​lamprey

Perhaps the most annoying species in the ranking. Halfway between an inedible fruit and a slightly angry snake, the sea lamprey, Petromison marinus by its scientific name, is a live and healthy fish (more precisely, a weed). And this is not his body, which can reach a length of one meter, this is the most terrifying. Of course it’s his mouth! Hinge free, operates a highly effective suction cup system. This allows it to grab onto its prey and attack it thanks to its multiple teeth. Like a leech, it can then suck fluids from its victims.

The Fren

be careful. If you suffer from arachnophobia, Fryn will not leave you insensitive. And for good reason, half a spider and half a scorpion, this animal – which nevertheless belongs to the arachnid family – has a physique that does not leave anyone indifferent: eight legs and two claws are called “walkers”. According to some legends, it is also called Phryne’s bite Amlypyges, will be able to kill someone in just 24 hours. But this is wrong! Despite their large claws, they are harmless to humans! why ? Because it has no poison! It uses its enormous claws only to hunt its prey for food.

ghoul fish

His nickname speaks for itself. Anoplogaster cornuta, better known as the ogre fish, owes its nickname to decode the madness. Match its size – about 16 cm – it will be the fish with the largest teeth. His teeth are so large that it is impossible for him to close his jaw. That means… But, don’t worry, this abyssal fish lives happily ever after at a depth of nearly 5000 metres. Therefore, there is little chance that you will meet him in the curve of a cruise.

Scientists reveal the secret of the super-black fish from the abyss

coconut crab

At first glance, coconut crab bears an almost dreamy moniker. approx. Because we’re talking about a big, strong type of crab. Pyrgos latro, from its scientific name, also known as Caveo, is a giant crustacean, with huge tentacles, that lives on the Polynesian island of Macatia. Its average weight is 4 kg, but specimens weighing up to 17 kg have already been observed. The legs are stretched, and the size of the coconut crab is on average one meter in wingspan. As for its strength, thanks to its massive claws, it will reach 3,300 Newtons. A value greater than 80 to 100 times the body mass.

goliath spider

The name speaks for itself. Theraphosa blondi, better known as the goliath spider, is the largest spider in the world! This giant spider measures up to 30 cm and weighs about 170 grams. It has a neurotoxin, but can be active in humans. Making it a formidable species, its bite can be very painful but it is harmless to us humans. Is this reason enough to want to get into it? of course no.

basking shark

In general, sharks are all relatively terrifying. But the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying. It’s simple: its giant mouth is open, and it looks like a huge bottomless hole. There is no doubt that it would have taken Pinocchio several decades to see the end of it had he been swallowed by a basking shark rather than a whale! However, from a height of 12 meters and sometimes 5 tons, the basking shark does not pose a threat to humans because it feeds only on plankton and small fish.

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