“Top Chef” Season 13 Episode 12: The Return of the Absurd

“I’ll make him eat the impossible.” “I’ll get him an empty plate.” Previously? two short weeks of Pause And here we are already on the path of absurdity? The dictatorship of conceptual dishes must end. We were very good with ravioli.

Yes, Stefan announces it, it will be this week Marked as highly culinary aerobatics.. What exactly does it consist of? juggling pumpkins? Swing while eating spring rolls? We don’t really know, but the guest of the first round is Mike Bagall, the man who “Develop the Undone: Flying Food”. How tired. Especially since there is already flying food, it is called pheasant and it is delicious.

Before the event begins, we still provide point tables and teams to explain the rules to us. It sounds very complicated but the only thing to remember is that Louise, the only woman in red and the only woman left, will be participating in both events. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is called mental load.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Heaven when I read the information.

first test

Mike Bagall arrived for his revolutionary class presentation. It looks like it makes aligot, but it actually isn’t, it just makes edible balloons. It’s called floating food.Stefan says. At the risk of appearing like a right-wing columnist, do we really have to sort everything out?

“I called this dish nostalgia”, The chef explains. So personally, as a kid I didn’t eat my balloons. Pascal: “Eating balloons would never cross my mind.” Well we agree man.

Shrink when I tell her my dreams.

So the challenge will be for the candidates Find a new idea or concept.. You know we don’t have Always need to invent new things huh. atomic bomb and Dalida deepfakesFor example, we didn’t have to.

So Pascal decided “Eat the impossible” For Chef Bagale, it’s impossible to be a habanero pepper, one of the world’s hottest peppers. I know because in Texas they put it in jam. His idea is to make a flavored snow globe with chili paste. I don’t quite get the concept but Pascal seems confident: he’ll do everything “Until the Impossible Eating Experience Possible”. It sounds like Macron’s speech.

Since the contestant tastes his recipe, he lacks the stick due to the strength of the chili. It already tends to redden easily from the norm, and if it continues to do so, it will be like the Covid map of France in 2021, there will soon not be enough colors or synonyms for “scarlet”. “I understood that in reality, you should not hold back in life”The young chef tells us. We’ll put this on his grave.

The device every time I push is contactless.

Besides Wilfred, this is unbelievable but true: the candidate is what makes us “Travel” With “Culinary World Tour”. It really is David Gallienne of the season, FRAM Food Guide. “Travel has a huge place in my life as a cook and my life as a man, I want to say.” It’s like guys on Tinder who put together a flag emoji from every country they’ve visited.

Then, preparing five dishes in one event is sure to be quite a challenge. Already when I do one one evening, I’m proud of myself, so good. To destabilize the customer a little more, each of his recipes will be hidden in little balls of black pizza dough. After trying, Wilfred is pleased: “That’s exactly what I wanted.”And what he apparently wanted was to give us a mouse poop trick.

While Wilfrid cooks 48,000 dishes a second and Pascal chars his oboe with pepper, Arnaud decided to make bam’s tequila, but using mussels. Well bah arno, we found ourselves on the last chance huh.

But the most launched project of the evening is indeed Project Louise, who proudly declares: “I’ll have him turn the tablecloth.” I want to file a complaint against this program for moral harassment. Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe young woman actually decided that “eat decoration” for the president. “I’ll bring an empty plate and voila, dinner will be served.” In meditation apps, under the ‘stress’ and ‘sleep’ categories, we will soon have to add a ‘Top Chef’ quizzes section.

The contestant had originally planned to make a squid tablecloth, but it didn’t work out, so in the end, she made a floral chicken tablecloth. It’s totally insane, but we have to admit, the end result is absolutely stunning. On the other hand, that’s a lot of floret michonne style chicken breast to swallow anyway.

No, because there is enough turkey breast to wrap Tutankhamun.

The tasting begins, and all you have to remember is that Pascal invited his dish “Extreme Ball”……..I have allowed you to enter your own joke.

In terms of results, Pascal comes first, Louise second, Wilfrid third, and poor Arnaud, which is not surprising, last.

second test

After this first sponsored event PennywiseThe show welcomes the best of the best: Anne-Sophie Pic. Anne-Sophie Beck, a chef who is as witty as she is friendly, comes to sample her note-taking notebook. Any woman. Everyone should be humble, persistent and conscientious as she is. Send it to Matignon.

Influenza that reappears two years after RTT.

The challenge is to make a dish around one vegetable, but all of its varieties. “On the other hand, I wish there was no animal protein”Chef demands. In front of the studio doors an ambulance is ready to help Mikael in case of illness. On the other hand, sorry Anne-Sophie, little montages usually spill over guest recipes, but nothing sells me less than dreaming about a plate soaring…beetroot.

Candidates must draw their vegetables. Mikael falls on the carrot, and Lillian inherits the beetroot. “Beetroot is great, I am very happy”: An example of a sentence that has not been said before.

Sebastian got the green bean, and guess what: he got the peach. The candidate decides to make a salad with green beans, but also with other types such as black and white beans. But suddenly vegetable flagolets?? Ah, but I had to say, this changes everything in my life. And if not, Sebastian, why does he always seem to be giving a speech to the opera?

No one has ever felt so excited about green beans.

Lillian beet cubes: despicable. We’ll pass quickly because beets are a food piss, it’s not worth talking about.

Finally, Louise comes across dandelion, an ingredient she hates. So I decided to make a tart with chicory, and honestly it sounds crazy (yeah oh I also love Se-loui).

Moreover, unsurprisingly, it was a deserved victory for Louise, who worked twice as hard as other brigades. Despite their overuse of verlan, they are a hell of a competitor.

Thus, it is the other three brigades that should send a candidate as a last resort. In the program, a confrontation between Wilfrid, Michael and Arnaud and a topic… It’s LE DUCK BREAST. I literally screamed in front of the TV. Finally the ‘best chef’ we want. Thanks.

Arnaud, always my heart’s filter, would put a labo de magritte in a panini grill. Well done Arno. There is nothing sadder than breast skin that is not crunchy. IF: People who do not eat duck breast skin. When Arno cuts his divine preparation, the sound of fat grinding under the blade is a poem, an aural epic, an unparalleled aural ecstasy.

Finally, Mikael and Arnaud are hunted down, and Wilfred, who had a good idea to make us travel (stop) with duck breast meatballs (yum), is eliminated. Arnaud begins to cry when he is the one who stays, you feel he is the type to cry more than the family of the deceased at a funeral. As for Wilfred, he proves himself a true hero and leaves in the best possible position:

Political leaders when they see the new IPCC report.

It was nice anyway. Good wind, Wilfred!


Dementors when they see your soul:

I would like someone to look at me as Anne-Sophie Beck looks into the void:

When you pick up a second mojito when it’s only Wednesday:

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