Toulouse. More fat and less sugar: They open their first ketogenic restaurant in France

The Keto restaurant in Toulouse, open on Thursday, April 28, 2022, serves bistronomic dishes based on ketogenic cuisine, that is, with a low carb intake. (© Facebook / Keto)

Cooking, ‘food’, are the best shared pleasures, like the delicious thread of Ariadne among men. The latest fashion curiosity in Toulouse? Ketogenic cooking, commonly referred to as keto. The principle can be summed up in one main point: Severe reduction in daily carbohydratesWhich often accounts for half of what we eat daily, the keto diet keeps it down to 5 or 10%.

Draw on fat, not sugar

The goal: that the body no longer derives its energy from sugar but from fats. A proven method for controlling epileptic seizures In children, a century ago.

Two childhood friends in the project

This is the direction in whichdeara former marketing manager, and MahaAs a sports coach, you want to develop in Toulouse but also everywhere in France. The two childhood friends, who both grew up in Les Minimes and played rugby league at the Olympic Toulouse a few years ago, crossed paths around keto. “I have been on keto for six years and managed to lose 15 kg without depriving myself,” confirms Maha, who is largely inspired by the more advanced fashion of the Anglo-Saxon countries (Canada, US, Australia, etc.) and one of my promoters The ketogenic diet, Ulrich Jenson.

Maha then “transmitted” the virus to Aziz. The same positive result on the scale!

The Quito Restaurant Team in Toulouse: From left to right: Aziz and Maha (Co-Managers), Paul (Chef), Kylian and Amandine.
The Quito Restaurant Team in Toulouse: From left to right: Aziz and Maha (Co-Managers), Paul (Chef), Kylian and Amandine. (© Akto Toulouse/Anthony Assimat)

“The first 100% keto restaurant in France”

They explained that their interrogation, which was confirmed during the first confinement of March 2020, translated concretely into the opening of “the first keto restaurant in France”. “That’s what our market research came up with” (there are four in total), said the two co-managers. Thursday, April 28, 2022, Quito opened its doors In the very trendy Boursa arearue Clémence Isaure (in the building where the Avalon Pub VR space was still located in early 2022).

Ketogenic cooking, instructions for use

For Aziz and Maha, ketogenic cuisine is “unfairly” associated with the concept of diet. It is enough to take a quick look at the menu to realize that you can indulge yourself in this new title: a plate of cheese, fish, acorn chicken, a piece of beef, pork tenderloin …

“Everything is keto, from appetizers to dessert. Our dishes are low in carbs and high in fat. Meat, for example, is simmered, often sautéed in butter, and vacuum-packed. Everything is seasonal and local. We use olive oil. and oilseeds and 30% fresh cream…”.

MahaCo-Manager of Keto Restaurant

Dishes “Prolific, Gourmet, Good Eater”

Rethinking the way of cooking, products that are not processed or minimally processed … Keto exclusively offers dishes that “gourmet, gourmet and eat well”, insists Maha, that bring you a feeling of satiety. “Our dishes are working in a parestrogenic manner. Aziz continues: “Our desire is to produce high-quality products.”

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With Keto, Toulouse residents want to “reduce feelings of guilt and de-stress over the relationship with food”.

Keto cooking, music and stand up!

The restaurant serves a hundred covers With two distinct spaces: a more classic master room, and an under-construction basement where the managers prepare other surprises and novelties. Because you can taste the keto on the plate while having fun Musical atmosphere or comedy show. Artists perform live on certain evenings of the week, and entertainment will be enhanced from June 2022.

“From June we will give concerts from Thursday to Saturday evening, and from September, from Tuesday to Thursday, we will organize stand up evenings. We will transform the basement room into a theater with high tables and tapas services. The approach is the same in the kitchen and entertainment: to get rid of guilt and have fun. “.

dearCo-Manager of Keto Restaurant

The goal: to create a market

For Aziz and Maha, this versatile and atypical, 100% keto venue should be the first step in a true ketogenic kitchen boom in France. “Ultimately, we like to manufacture our keto products to our specifications. Why not develop a keto street food brand,” Aziz concludes.

short, Create a market and make their mark in this still nascent sector. So, are you ready to switch to keto mode?

Keto Restaurant. 9 rue Clémence Izour, in Toulouse.
From Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30 pm to 2 am
Like. : 05 61 21 96 62.
Information on the Facebook and Instagram page.


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