Triple Springer allows Blue Jays to lock down Mariners 3-0

Frederick Daigle, The Canadian Press

TORONTO – One lucky hit was all the Toronto Blue Jays needed to beat the Seattle Mariners, who beat them 3-0 in just 2 hours 20 minutes.

Jays scored all of their points on the same streak late in a second. But not on a cannon shot, as the Toronto team was doing.

After Alejandro Kirk hit a double in the third line, first-choice player Logan Gilbert hit the ball by Matt Chapman. After Lord Goriel Jr.’s hit, Santiago Espinal earned a hit in his eleventh consecutive game with a single.

Raimel Tapia went to the fence with three straight swings but missed each time, leading George Springer to the board with two holdouts. Springer hoisted a weak fly ball into the right field, but out of reach for everyone. Steven Sousa Jr. tried everything, diving to catch the ball that hit his glove before continuing its way.

Springer ran to third, clearing the lanes.

As the sport increasingly revolves around hitting speed and strike angle, it was a paltry 71mph strike that made the difference.

“I wouldn’t complain about it,” Springer said. It’s not always strength that makes the difference, sometimes it’s just getting the ball in the right place. Sometimes You’re Lucky That’s What It Takes Tonight (Marines writer Logan Gilbert) It was uncomfortable.”

“The last time I started this kind of blow, it was against me and I paid the price,” said Jays player Jose Berrios. Tonight, I was on the good side. We have to accept that and celebrate that victory.”

Prius (3-2) played his best matches this season. In over seven innings of action, he has dropped six hits and two hits in addition to hitting four.

“He looked like the Prius family we know,” said Jays manager Charlie Montoyo. He was in complete control from start to finish. To start a match like this will help him regain his composure and rhythm.

“My last two starts weren’t to my liking. But I worked hard and finally got to know what kind of ride I like, Pireus pointed out. (Tuesday), my fast, low and outbound balls were effective. The bite of my chipping bullets was. I was able to keep them balanced throughout the match that way” .

It was Quebecer Abraham Toro’s right-hand hard single, called the emergency hitter after walking into Mike Ford at the top of Part VIII, that chased away the Jays Writer.

However, David Phelps came in to stifle the threat by forcing Cal Raleigh to deliver an optional hit. Then he retired with Adam Fraser’s decision and Ty France hit a weak ball on the right flank.

The sailors only really threatened Berrios again in the game, at the top of a second. A duo from Eugenio Suarez, one from Julio Rodriguez and the outing to Ford filled the trails after one exit. But Sousa, made a double hit on a hard ball for Matt Chapman in the third inning.

“People are used to seeing Chapman do that kind of play, but I don’t take it for granted. This double match at the end of the seventh inning is the key match of the game,” the manager said.

He replaced Jordan Romano in ninth place, who missed out on the virus other than COVID-19, and Adam Semper achieved a second straight save by eliminating his three hits.

Despite the good performance, Gilbert (4-2) scored the defeat on his record. In seven rounds of action, he gave up all three runs for the Jays in six strokes and two walks. He added nine strokes to his points total this season. He now has 51 in 45 innings pitched.

“I’m not used to throwing flowers at our opponents, but this guy is one of the best players we’ve seen this season,” said Montoyo.

With his song in the first half, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. extended his streak to 14 games with at least one hit.

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