Twitch Streamer sets the kitchen on fire, then the cat is roasted again

a tic Spathon Streamer nearly ended in disaster as his kitchen nearly caught a grease fire during a live cooking broadcast, though his conversation was less than kind in his response to his efforts to put out the fire. It’s not the first time a serious incident has been discovered on camera, with other broadcasters not only accidentally setting fires, but even Twitch creators being robbed.

Twitch is a live streaming platform that has become very popular for gaming live streaming services. While games certainly make up the majority content, Twitch remains the primary platform for sharing creative content on a variety of topics. These examples include live broadcasts, educational tools, and charitable events. Twitch also encourages streamers to interact with their viewers in unique ways. Subathons, for example, are a popular trend where a broadcast device sets a timer and broadcasts by performing a variety of activities. The catch is that their broadcast timer increases for each sub-item they receive while broadcasting. Among the sop of Athens noteworthy was the month-long Ludwig influx in 2021, which saw the raising of millions of dollars for charity.

A recent subathon event for Twitch Streamer kjanecaron ended in disaster as she was cooking for her viewers, a hot pan starting to fill her kitchen with smoke. Shared on Twitter by CBS, a clip of the accident shows a grease fire emerging from the fryer while smoke alarms go off in the background. The kjanecaron gets upset and pushes the pan into a nearby basin to smother the flame with water. Unfortunately, this is a common and serious mistake because the water only serves to intensify the grease fire. The resulting flame emission is almost spread over its working surface. She put the burning pot back on the stove and begged the cat to help her sort out the situation. Then she left the view of the camera and presumably started screaming for outside help as the flames in the pan, fortunately, began to extinguish themselves.

The unfortunate Twitch livestream did not cause any serious harm to kjanecaron, although it was easy for viewers to mock the situation afterwards. Although there was some sympathy from the cat, most were quick to reprimand Kaganekarun for his attempts to extinguish the grease fire with water rather than putting out the flames. Since the water doesn’t mix with the oil, it glides right under the oil onto the hot pan. It evaporates instantly with the steam trapped under the oil until it erupts from the burning oil, spreading the fire. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake people make, especially when they panic.

Thanks to the lively nature of Twitch as a platform, it is very common for streams to go wrong one way or the other. While the majority of on-screen accidents are unlikely to damage the broadcast equipment, with a typical example of unintentional wardrobe malfunctions, situations like kjanecaron can take a quick turn for the worse, and an innocent live broadcast can end in disaster if Appropriate precautions were not taken. .

Fortunately, Kiganekarun survived with only minor burns on her hands and there was no major damage to her home. Although some Twitch viewers are scorned, she still encourages people to watch the clip for entertainment and a lesson in fire safety. hope others tic Live broadcasters can avoid similar potential disasters from this experience.

Source: CBS/Twitterkjanecaron / twitch

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