Video games: Finding the sun

It’s (very) cold, gray (unfortunately) and January stretches like a long Sunday. No, it’s not time to get depressed, these sunny and colorful video games let you get out of the gray of the environment to get a cathodic tan!

Families will go to some classics, which are always fun and have not aged a bit. In ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ the player, along with the charming ghost Cappy, enjoys the extra power to collect the moon or, if you prefer, it is also possible to take your time and explore this open world, without any imperative. Plumber fans can also go to ‘Bowser’s Fury’, included with the ‘Super Mario 3D World’ friendly.

Always essential, Sonic, Sega’s little blue ball, is the hero of “Sonic Forces” in which it is also possible to create your own character. Released in 2017, the title also offers the opportunity to play with the traditional Sonic, that of Genesis debut, or the modern Sonic in 3D… without forgetting the games developed for phones. And let’s remind players that the 2022 holidays will be marked by the release of a new iteration of the adventures of the funny little hedgehog.

Get out of the ordinary

You are a child and you live after the Disaster, a catastrophe that destroyed the city of Caelondia and parts of the world around it … which explains why you lived in the floating fragments of this universe. A role-playing and action game, “Bastion” is distinguished first by its bright colors, then by its music and finally by the simplicity of “gameplay”. It is beautiful, original and exotic.

Survivors (!) Of the 1980s will find themselves in “Splatoon 2”, a shooting game for Nintendo. Because neon is the center of attention, from the costumes or accessories of the characters you can embody to the kind of “slimes” that come out of weapons as fantastic as they are impossible. It’s raw, uncomplicated, and fun to blow steam.

Do you miss the beach, the laughter, the crowds and the fun? Here is the “Planet Coaster” in which you willingly (or not) manage an amusement park. Travel, concessions, parades and fireworks are the focus of this world without a siege … for which there are many extensions, including one for Halloween, a “vintage” or another dedicated to universal exhibitions.

Put on your sunglasses, “Braid” is guaranteed to amaze you. Because the colors are hallucinatory, glowing and look like animated paintings. The title – which has been republished in line with today’s graphic advances – is one of the adventures in which the hero (you) must rescue the princess (as usual).

And finally, for “casual” gamers looking for distraction for a few minutes on their phone, the “Aquavias – Water Flow Puzzle” offers to make water flow by connecting plumbing fixtures in sun-drenched environments and colors.

A wonderful evening with friends

What to do on Saturday night? Of course, save the Titanic. This is what “Save the Titanic” offers. An online adventure and puzzle to be solved in a completely virtual way, this game brings together players aged 10 and up – so your kids can join you – and lasts an average of two hours. It costs $ 19 for a party, which can be joined by a maximum of six people. The level of difficulty is enough to tickle your brain and you will need a computer or a tablet – you can connect via Skype or Zoom with your friends – and phones, the app is free. Good track game!

The connection book

“Super Mario Odyssey” for the Nintendo Switch

“Super Mario 3D World” for Nintendo

“Sonic Forces” for Windows Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

“Sonic Forces Running Battle” for Android

“Sonic Forces Racing Battle” for iOS

“Bastion” for Windows, macOS, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation

“Splatoon 2” for Nintendo

“Braid” for Windows, macOS, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox

“Aquavias” for Android

“Save The Titanic” for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

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