Video games: to kill the bad guys

Forget the cute, friendly games with elaborate scenarios. Because clicking on a controller is also used to release steam in order to forget the troubles of daily life. Direction, then, towards titles that, of course, require a minimum of strategy, but above all to kill the bad guys to save a city, a planet or a universe.

When you think about it, one of the first titles of the “shoot’em up” genre was … “Space Invaders” in 1978, in which we just shot at spaceships to prevent them from invading Earth. Then, with the help of technological advances, games have been greatly improved, thus offering “gamers” richer and more immersive environments.

As for first-person shooters, the classic of the genre is definitely “Wolfenstein 3D” in which you have to kill the Nazis. Now available for free to web browsers, the first game is barely outdated and we still have great fun shooting anything that moves and is dressed in a swastika uniform. Nostalgic PC owners will also appreciate the low-priced availability of all titles in the franchise via the Steam service.

Another classic, but one that is constantly updated: “Doom”, in which you have to kill legions of monsters straight from hell with lots of weapons and ammunition to advance. Gamers will be delighted to learn that the latest iteration, released in 2020 and called “Eternal Doom”, includes “Fortresses of Doom” in which it is possible to provide additional weapons and armor and that it is get a gun, Unmaykr. upon successful completion of particularly complex missions.

Small timeline with “Max Payne”, famous for integrating “my bullet”, meaning a slowdown at the moment of the exchange of fire. Here, you play as Max, a former police officer falsely accused of murder. You have to avoid the underworld and the police … all, of course, killing all those people who mean you are hurting.

If you want a game that requires your tactical and strategic skills, the “Splinter Cell Blacklist”, developed by Ubisoft Toronto, offers you to kill the bad guys … for a good cause if I may say so. In fact, you play as Sam, a secret agent, responsible for infiltrating and eliminating terrorist cells. Always on Ubisoft’s side, but this time from its Parisian studios, “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” offers to eliminate ex-special forces soldiers who have become renegades. Through an impressive open world, you will also have the opportunity to think (a little) before you start shooting.

And finally, what would be a good publication without Duke Nukem, a franchise named after this muscular hero and cigar smoker, the personification of a masculinity that is (thankfully) outdated today. The newest game, “Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour” released in 2016 is still available for PC. In this title, you will find the Duke Duke’s five adventures, properly violent hyper, as well as a new weapon – an incinerator – that lets you grill the evil “aliens”. Yes, release is guaranteed.

Waste of time (useful) of the week

This little free online game – for browsers – is called “Crazy Shooters 2”. Of course, with such a name one should not expect great military tactics or even great art. The principle is extremely simple: you have to kill the members of the opposing team. It is possible, either to join an already existing team or to open a play area in which you will invite your friends to join you there. It’s ‘brainless’, the simplified music adds a little extra drama and we laugh at the ‘gang’.

The connection book

“Space Invaders”:

«Wolfenstein 3D»: for free through the browser

All games in the “Wolfenstein” franchise: for PC via Steam

“Doom”: for Windows, Xbox One and PS4

“Max Payne”: for Windows, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360

“Splinter Cell: Blacklist”:

“Ghost Recon Breakpoint”: for PS4, Windows and Xbox One

“Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour”: via Steam for Windows

“Crazy Shooters 2” or

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