video. Sixteen Ukrainian cats in Corsica

16 cats landed Wednesday morning in the port of Ajaccio. The latter traveled thousands of kilometers from Ukraine to be rescued by the Animal Assistance Foundation. At the dispensary in Corsica, she will be monitored, cared for, and then put up for adoption.

It was about half past six in the morning on Wednesday when the convoy was animal aid foundation (FAA) landed on Ajaccio port. On the plane, sixteen the cats from from Ukraine. Saturday time arrived ParisAfter 1560 kilometers and 15.30 hours of driving between Krakowat Polandand the FranceThe felines took a few days of rest before leaving by car for their last trip between Paris and Corsica.

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How was the life of these animals before February 24 and the start of the war in Ukraine? Foundation members don’t know it. Do they have a family? Perhaps, for some of them, given their sociability. While some people were able to leave the country with their four-legged friends, others had to give in to be left behind. The cats are not fitted with a microchip, but we will try, to each one, to hand out a picture to give their initial family a chance to get to know them and get them back.Brigitte Chirigoni, head of the Federal Aviation Administration in Corsica and head of institutions at the national level, explains. If not, they will be put up for adoption on the island. They can be fostered and confined for the next few days, even if the final adoption will take place in several months.s.”

in quarantine

If these felines were the first to arrive on the island from Ukraine, others have already joined France on the initiative of the organization. A total of 60 dogs and 60 cats are now spread across France in various partner shelters.

These animals, now safe from war and taken off the streets, will be cared for and then placed in solitary confinement for six months before being adopted. They do not have the basic requirements needed to be imported into France, which is why they are isolated. They will undergo strict follow-up, with visits scheduled one month, three months, and six months after their arrival. They will then be vaccinated against rabies at which point they will be able to join their adopters.She is fitted with shovel boots and a trench coat in order not to risk contaminating the rest of the population, explains Jacinta Savidan, a veterinarian at the Corsica dispensary. After the first examination, the vet is satisfied with seeing the animals “In fairly good condition”And With “Some small health concerns but not unlike the feral cats here”. A cold, gingivitis, damaged ears, runny nose, and a dirty nose or coat are the first listed minor problems.

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Other animals were not so lucky: The foundation nationwide has collected dogs and cats that have been injured, amputated, or cut due to war.supports Brigitte Cherigoni.

And two veterinary assistants, Anthony and Shukri, crossed France to retrieve the cats.  - Doc Sim

Rescue operations and donations

To carry out this rescue, the Foundation contacted a Polish shelter linked to a shelter center in Ukraine. The latter transports stray animals to a transit point in Poland in order to bring them to safety. Then a caravan left Paris for Krakow to pick up the new babies who are being protected by the Animal Protection Foundation.

For their part, Anthony and Shukri, the two veterinary assistants at the Ballyoni dispensary, crossed France to collect the sixteen cats bound for Corsica. In their trucks, departing from Ajaccio, a shipment of various donations in the form of equipment and food to help refugees at the Ukrainian border.

On Wednesday, 16 cats arrived in Corsica from Ukraine.  - Angelina Rossano

The cats will remain for ten days in the glass cages of the dispensary before joining a shelter near Ajaccio for six months. Finally, peace and quiet for these little war refugees. “It was important to help them. If necessary, we will return to Poland”Brigitte Chirigoni Projects. Others in need can eventually join the first lucky ones.

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